Currently, SBG (Stochastic and Biology Group) gathers:

  • 5 professors and senior researchers
  • 6 assistant professors and junior resarchers
  • an always changing number of phD students and post-docs

Some of these members have a primary affiliation with the SBG team and a secondary affiliation with another team. Those who are secondarily affiliated to SBG are called associated members below.

Permanent members of SBG

Bonnet Anna JUSSIEU 1525-2-12 Maître.sse de conférences mav , stat
Fernandez Bastien 5003 Directeur.rice de recherche - Directeur Adjoint dpg , mav
Giacomin Giambattista 5045 Professeur.e smo , mav
Gribkova Svetlana 5006 Maître.sse de conférences stat , mav
Matias Catherine JUSSIEU 1626-2-11 Directeur.rice de recherche mav , stat
Nuel Gregory JUSSIEU 1626-1-22 Directeur.rice de recherche mav , stat
Parsons Todd JUSSIEU 1626-1-18 Chargé.e de recherche mav
Robin Stéphane JUSSIEU 1525-2-21 Professeur.e mav , stat
Roquain Etienne JUSSIEU 1516-2-13 Maître.sse de conférences stat , mav
Sansonnet Laure JUSSIEU 1516-2-14 Maître.sse de conférences stat , mav
Thieullen Michèle JUSSIEU 1626-2-04 Maître.sse de conférences mav
Villers Fanny JUSSIEU 1516-2-13 Maître.sse de conférences stat , mav

Grégory Nuel is an expert in probabilistic graphical models (e.g. HMMs, Bayesian networks) and computational statistics (e.g. EM algorithm, penalized likelihood). He is interested in a wide range of biomedical applications: tropical disease, bioaccoustics, genetic epidemiology, bioinformatics, clinical research, systems biology, and cancer genetics. Co-head of group since 2018.

Anna Bonnet is assistant professor at Sorbonne Université. She is interested in developing statistical methods to analyze high-dimensional genetic data. Her fields of research include point process models, in particular Hawkes processes, and statistical inference in quantitative genetics.

Bastien Fernandez is originally a physicist, with strong interest for mathematical approaches to the dynamics of collective systems. His contributions to modeling in Biology deal with gene regulatory networks, VDJ recombination and allelic exclusion, and populations of synthetic genetic circuits.

Giambattista Giacomin is a probabilist working in equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. His activity on synchronization models is at the boundary between nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and life sciences.

Svetlana Gribkova is a statistician and assistant professor at Université Paris Cité. After a PHD in the field of survival analysis, she had done a post-doctorate in statistical analysis of single cell RNA-Seq data with applications to cancer research. Her actual research mainly focuses on statistical analysis of high dimensional genomic data and applications in biology and medicine.

Catherine Matias is a statistician working at the interface between statistical modeling and life sciences. In particular, she has worked on the statistical analysis of graphs with a focus on ecological networks. Starting 2018, she is partly on leave as deputy director of the national scientific institute of mathematics and their interactions.

Todd Parsons studies stochastic population models and associated methods of inference with diverse applications in evolutionary ecology, population genetics, game theory, epidemiology, and phylogenetics.

Stéphane Robin is a statistician working at the interface between statistical modeling and life sciences, with a focus on ecology. Part of his research is devoted to the inference of models with latent variables. Such models include heterogeneous random graph models and joint species distribution models. He is also interested in change-point detection, along sequences and trees.

Etienne Roquain has defended his PhD at INRA Jouy-en-Josas and Université Paris Sud in 2007 and is Maître de conférences since 2008 at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (now Sorbonne Université), where he defended his HdR in 2015. His main research field is multiple testing and high dimensional statistics.

Michèle Thieullen is a probabilist with expertise in stochastic modeling for Neuroscience. Up to now her research has focused on the role of ion channels in neural excitability through Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes in finite and infinite dimension. MT is also interested in numerics and estimation problems for these models.

Fanny Villers is a statistician and assistant professor at Sorbonne Université. During her PhD in INRA, she worked on statistical models usefull for analysing transcriptomics data. Her main research field is high dimensional statistics and in particular the analysis of network data.

Non permanent members of SBG

Bricout Barbara Doctorant.e mav
Chassagnol Bastien Doctorant.e mav
Ducrot Lucas JUSSIEU 1626-1-31 Doctorant.e mav
Lefebvre Alexandra JUSSIEU 1626-1-31 ATER mav
Martinez-Herrera Miguel JUSSIEU 1525-2-23 Doctorant.e mav

Lucas Ducrot (PhD student). PhD started in 2021, under the supervision of G. Nuel (SBG, LPSM) and in collaboration with P. Benusiglio (APHP, Sorbonne University, Paris, France). LD is working on clinical Models for the Genetics of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (started in 2021). Funding (3 years): ISCD, Sorbonne University

Bastien Chassagnol (PhD student). PhD started in 2020 under the supervision G. Nuel (SBG, LPSM), in collaboration with P.-H. Wuillemin (LIP6, Sorbonne University, Paris, France) and M. Guedj (Servier, France). BC is working on changepoint models for detecting Gene x Environment interactions in Cancer.

Alexandra Lefebvre (PhD student). PhD started in 2018 under the supervision G. Nuel (SBG, LPSM) and A. Duval (INSERM, Saint-Antoine Hospital). With a dual biology-mathematics background, AL is working on Bayesian network and survival analysis with applications in cancer genetics. Funding: Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer.

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