2022 tel-03865422 Sewing, Reconstruction and Schauder in rough analysis and regularity structures Broux Lucas
2022 tel-03850725 Predictive models by consensual aggregation and applications Has Sothea
2022 tel-03827838 Learning from time-dependent streaming data with online stochastic algorithms Werge Nicklas
2022 tel-03783480 State-Space Models for Time Series Forecasting. Application to the Electricity Markets Vilmarest Joseph De
2022 tel-03771227 Probabilistic graphical models for statistical genetics and survival analysis. Application to the Lynch syndrome Lefebvre Alexandra
2022 tel-03769704 From fields to paths, or there and back again Lupu Titus
2022 tel-03740735 Analyse statistique de l'évolution des sinistres graves pour une garantie risque corporel Cohen Sabban Isaac
2022 tel-03727418 Assessing the time dependence of multivariate extremes for heavy rainfall modeling Buriticá Gloria
2022 tel-03715382 Multitype growth-fragmentation processes and planar excursions da Silva William
2022 tel-03695446 Probabilistic numerical approximation schemes in finance: learning methods for high-dimensional BSDEs and unbiased Monte Carlo algorithms for stochastic volatility models Chen Junchao
2022 halshs-03815600 Louis Bachelier's Théorie de la spéculation : The missing piece in Walras' general equilibrium Karoui Nicole El, Parent Antoine, Pradier Pierre-Charles
2022 hal-03872839 Looptree, Fennec, and Snake of ICRT Blanc-Renaudie Arthur
2022 hal-03872833 Limit of connected multigraph with fixed degree sequence Blanc-Renaudie Arthur
2022 hal-03868620 Quantum cohomology of Grassmannian and unitary Dyson Brownian motion Guilhot Jérémie, Lecouvey Cédric, Tarrago Pierre
2022 hal-03862241 Convex ordering for stochastic Volterra equations and their Euler schemes Jourdain Benjamin, Pagès Gilles
2022 hal-03858834 Recursive ridge regression using second-order stochastic algorithms Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Lu Wei, Portier Bruno
2022 hal-03855110 Particle approximation of the doubly parabolic Keller-Segel equation in the plane Tomasevic Milica, Fournier Nicolas
2022 hal-03853839 Thermodynamic symmetry resolved entanglement entropies in integrable systems Piroli Lorenzo, Vernier Eric, Collura Mario, Calabrese Pasquale
2022 hal-03853744 A robust model-based clustering based on the geometric median and the Median Covariation Matrix Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Robin Stephane S.
2022 hal-03849469 The speed of vaccination rollout and the risk of pathogen adaptation Gandon Sylvain, Lambert Amaury, Day Troy, Parsons Todd L
2022 hal-03845818 Stability estimates for the sharp spectral gap bound under a curvature-dimension condition Fathi Max, Gentil Ivan, Serres Jordan
2022 hal-03845791 Stability of Eigenvalues and Observable Diameter in RCD$$(1, \infty )$$ Spaces Bertrand Jerôme, Fathi Max
2022 hal-03845652 Self-improvement of the Bakry-Emery criterion for Poincaré inequalities and Wasserstein contraction using variable curvature bounds Cattiaux Patrick, Fathi Max, Guillin Arnaud
2022 hal-03845631 Relaxing the Gaussian assumption in shrinkage and SURE in high dimension Fathi Max, Goldstein Larry, Reinert Gesine, Saumard Adrien
2022 hal-03839133 Hyperbolicity for large automorphism groups of projective surfaces Cantat Serge, Dujardin Romain
2022 hal-03837505 Model-based graph clustering of a collection of networks using an agglomerative algorithm Rebafka Tabea
2022 hal-03830029 Pruning, cut trees, and the reconstruction problem Broutin Nicolas, He Hui, Wang Minmin
2022 hal-03821987 Subtractive random forests Broutin Nicolas, Devroye Luc, Oliveira Roberto Imbuzeiro, Lugosi Gabor
2022 hal-03815557 Identifying pesticide cocktails at country-wide scale Cairo Milena, Monnet Anne-Christine, Robin Stéphane, Porcher Emmanuelle, Fontaine Colin
2022 hal-03812476 Speed of convergence of time Euler schemes for a stochastic 2D Boussinesq model Bessaih Hakima, Millet Annie
2022 hal-03811678 Model-based clustering in simple hypergraphs through a stochastic blockmodel Brusa Luca, Matias Catherine
2022 hal-03806991 Slow-fast dynamics in stochastic Lotka-Volterra systems Barré Julien, Fernandez Bastien, Panel Grégoire
2022 hal-03796030 From individual-based epidemic models to McKendrick-von Foerster PDEs: a guide to modeling and inferring COVID-19 dynamics Foutel-Rodier Félix, Blanquart François, Courau Philibert, Czuppon Peter, Duchamps Jean-Jil, Gamblin Jasmine, Kerdoncuff Élise, Kulathinal Rob, Régnier Léo, Vuduc Laura, Lambert Amaury, Schertzer Emmanuel
2022 hal-03793912 Strong L^2 convergence of time Euler schemes for stochastic 3D Brinkman–Forchheimer–Navier–Stokes equations Bessaih Hakima, Millet Annie
2022 hal-03792510 Scaling limit of the disordered generalized Poland-Scheraga model for DNA denaturation Berger Quentin, Legrand Alexandre
2022 hal-03792008 Sparse tree-based initialization for neural networks Lutz Patrick, Arnould Ludovic, Boyer Claire, Scornet Erwan
2022 hal-03790153 A probabilistic approach of the Poincaré-Bendixon’s problem in ℝ Cirier Guy
2022 hal-03788003 A family of natural equilibrium measures for Sinai billiard flows Carrand Jérôme
2022 hal-03787440 Identifiability of discrete Input-Output hidden Markov models with external signals David Étienne, Bellot Jean, Le Corff Sylvain, Lehéricy Luc
2022 hal-03784768 Quantile-constrained Wasserstein projections for robust interpretability of numerical and machine learning models Il Idrissi Marouane, Bousquet Nicolas, Gamboa Fabrice, Iooss Bertrand, Loubes Jean-Michel
2022 hal-03779011 An equivalence between gauge-twisted and topologically conditioned scalar Gaussian free fields Lupu Titus
2022 hal-03777995 Anomaly Detection on Financial Time Series by Principal Component Analysis and Neural Networks Crépey Stéphane, Noureddine Lehdili, Madhar Nisrine, Thomas Maud
2022 hal-03775901 Learning Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Barrera D, Crépey S, Gobet E, Nguyen Hoang-Dung, Saadeddine B
2022 hal-03771959 A penalized criterion for selecting the number of clusters for K-medians Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Surendran Sobihan
2022 hal-03768963 Convergence of the empirical measure in expected Wasserstein distance: non asymptotic explicit bounds in $\mathbb{R}^d$ Fournier Nicolas
2022 hal-03768858 Measure of maximal entropy for finite horizon Sinai billiard flows Baladi Viviane, Carrand Jérôme, Demers Mark
2022 hal-03766704 Hydrodynamic limit and cutoff for the biased adjacent walk on the simplex Labbé Cyril, Petit Enguérand
2022 hal-03762880 Modèles d’évolution de caractères continus Bastide Paul, Mariadassou Mahendra, Robin Stéphane
2022 hal-03744861 A behavioral probabilistic model of carrier spatial repositioning decision-making Boumahdaf Assia, Broniatowski Michel, Miranda Emilie, Le Squeren Antoine
2022 hal-03737757 Strategy-aware evaluation of treatment personalization Balazard Félix, Biau Gérard, Ravaud Philippe, Porcher Raphaël
2022 hal-03737655 Quantitative propagation of chaos for mean field Markov decision process with common noise Motte Médéric, Pham Huyên
2022 hal-03737335 Moment conditions for random coefficient AR($\infty$) under non-negativity assumptions Maillard Pascal, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03735416 Wasserstein Random Forests and Applications in Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Du Qiming, Biau Gérard, Petit François, Porcher Raphaël
2022 hal-03733932 Bipartite dimer model: perfect t-embeddings and Lorentz-minimal surfaces Chelkak Dmitry, Laslier Benoît, Russkikh Marianna
2022 hal-03733648 Central limit theorem for lozenge tilings with curved limit shape Laslier Benoit
2022 hal-03733592 The mixing time of the lozenge tiling Glauber dynamics Laslier Benoit, Toninelli Fabio
2022 hal-03733461 Dimers on Riemann surfaces II: conformal invariance and scaling limit Berestycki Nathanaël, Laslier Benoit, Ray Gourab
2022 hal-03722661 Conditioning problems for invariant sets of expanding piecewise affine mappings: application to loss of ergodicity in globally coupled maps Fernandez Bastien, Sélley Fanni
2022 hal-03722236 Optimal Reach Estimation and Metric Learning Aamari Eddie, Berenfeld Clément, Levrard Clément
2022 hal-03711772 Recent progress on limit theorems for large stochastic particle systems Fathi Max, Le Bris Pierre, Menegaki Angeliki, Monmarché Pierre, Reygner Julien, Tomašević Milica
2022 hal-03697725 Scaling ResNets in the Large-depth Regime Marion Pierre, Fermanian Adeline, Biau Gérard, Vert Jean-Philippe
2022 hal-03695036 A Stochastic Target Problem for Branching Diffusions Kharroubi Idris, Ocello Antonio
2022 hal-03677328 Learning from time-dependent streaming data with online stochastic algorithms Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Werge Nicklas, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03675948 Non-hyperbolicity at large scales of a high-dimensional chaotic system Wormell Caroline
2022 hal-03675291 Hedging Valuation Adjustment and Model Risk Albanese Claudio, Bénézet Cyril, Crépey Stéphane
2022 hal-03673256 Cophylogeny Reconstruction Allowing for Multiple Associations Through Approximate Bayesian Computation Sinaimeri Blerina, Urbini Laura, Sagot Marie-France, Matias Catherine
2022 hal-03656772 False discovery rate control with unknown null distribution: Is it possible to mimic the oracle? Roquain Etienne, Verzelen Nicolas
2022 hal-03652497 Inference of multivariate exponential Hawkes processes with inhibition and application to neuronal activity Bonnet Anna, Martinez Herrera Miguel, Sangnier Maxime
2022 hal-03638385 Impact of the Ileal microbiota on surgical site infections in Crohn’s disease: a nationwide prospective cohort Julien Clément, Anakok Emré, Treton Xavier, Nachury Maria, Nancey Stéphane, Buisson Anthony, Fumery Mathurin, Filippi Jérôme, Maggiori Léon, Panis Yves, Zerbib Philippe, François Yves, Dubois Anne, Sabbagh Charles, Rahili Amine, Seksik Philippe, Allez Matthieu, Lefevre Jérémie, Cattan Pierre, Chirica Mircea, Munoz-Bongrand Nicolas, Corte Hélène, Beaupel Nathan, Catry Jonathan, Gornet Jean-Marc, Baudry Clotilde, Lourenco Nelson, Maillet Mariane, Tran-Minh My-Linh, Chardiny Victor, Bonnet Joelle, Chedouba Leila, Nisard Andrée, Beaugerie Laurent, Bourrier Anne, Nion-Larmurier Isabelle, Kirchgesner Julien, Landman Cécilia, Quevrain Elodie, Brot Loic, Chafai Najim, Parc Yann, Debove Clothilde, Svreck Magali, Vincent Camille, Guedj Nathalie, Ferron Marianne, Bouhnik Yoram, Corcos Olivier, Stefanescu Carmen, Khabil Sarah, Marteau Philippe, Dray Xavier, Chaput Ulrika, Bommelaer Gilles, Goutte Marion, Denizot Jérémie, Barnich Nicolas, Coban Dilek, Desreumaux Pierre, Pariente Benjamin, Sommeville Coralie, Dupas Jean-Louis, Loreau Julien, Brazier Franck, Chatelain Denis, Attencourt Christophe, Leconte Martine, Boschetti Gilles, Flourié Bernard, Cotte Eddy, Charlois Anne-Laure, Falgon Peggy, Hadjisavvas Helena, Moussata Driffa, Chauvenet Marion, Boyer Sarah, Hebuterne Xavier, Arab Nadia, Barhoumi Raja, Hofmann Paul, Le Corff Sylvain, Bonnet Anna, Beyer-Berjot Laura, Sokol Harry
2022 hal-03634351 Coupling ecological network analysis with high-throughput sequencing-based surveys: Lessons from the next-generation biomonitoring project Dubart M., Alonso P., Barroso-Bergada D., Becker N., Bethune K., Bohan David, Boury C., Cambon M., Canard Elsa, Chancerel E., Chiquet Julien, David P., de Manincor N., Donnet Sophie, Duputié Anne, Facon Benoit, Guichoux E., Le Minh Tâm, Ortiz-Martínez S., Piouceau L., Sacco-Martret de Préville A., Plantegenest Manuel, Poux C., Ravigné V., Robin S., Trillat M., Vacher C., Vernière C., Massol François
2022 hal-03631715 Consensual Aggregation on Random Projected High-dimensional Features for Regression Has Sothea
2022 hal-03625469 False clustering rate control in mixture models Marandon Ariane, Rebafka Tabea, Roquain Etienne, Sokolovska Nataliya
2022 hal-03613316 Pre-threshold fractional susceptibility function: holomorphy and response formula Sedro Julien
2022 hal-03609991 On the mean projection theorem for determinantal point processes Kassel Adrien, Lévy Thierry
2022 hal-03597059 Projection de mesures de probabilité sous contraintes de quantile par distance de Wasserstein et approximation monotone polynomiale Il Idrissi Marouane, Bousquet Nicolas, Gamboa Fabrice, Iooss Bertrand, Loubes Jean-Michel
2022 hal-03591875 The Sewing lemma for $0 < \gamma \leq 1$ Broux Lucas, Zambotti Lorenzo
2022 hal-03590373 Macroscopic stability of time evolution of Gibbs measures Lefevere Raphaël, Sasa Shin-Ichi
2022 hal-03590367 Large Time Asymptotic of Heavy Tailed Renewal Processes Horii Hiroshi, Lefevere Raphaël, Nemoto Takahiro
2022 hal-03582839 Extremes for stationary regularly varying random fields over arbitrary index sets Passeggeri Riccardo, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03579212 Scaling limits for the random walk penalized by its range in dimension one Bouchot Nicolas
2022 hal-03576860 A simple proof of non-explosion for measure solutions of the Keller-Segel equation Fournier Nicolas, Tardy Yoan
2022 hal-03565651 Self-Organizing Maps for Exploration of Partially Observed Data and Imputation of Missing Values Rejeb Sara, Duveau Catherine, Rebafka Tabea
2022 hal-03561397 The zeros of the partition function of the pinning model Giacomin Giambattista, Greenblatt Rafael L.
2022 hal-03561366 Lyapunov exponent for products of random Ising transfer matrices: the balanced disorder case Giacomin Giambattista, Greenblatt Rafael L.
2022 hal-03560047 Is interpolation benign for random forests? Arnould Ludovic, Boyer Claire, Scornet Erwan
2022 hal-03554577 Derivatives Risks as Costs in a One-Period Network Model Bastide Dorinel, Crépey Stéphane, Drapeau Samuel, Tadese Mekonnen
2022 hal-03552109 Minimax rate of consistency for linear models with missing values Ayme Alexis, Boyer Claire, Dieuleveut Aymeric, Scornet Erwan
2022 hal-03534271 On the multifractal spectrum of weighted Birkhoff averages Bárány Balázs, Rams Michaƚ, Shi Ruxi
2022 hal-03524677 Parametric insurance for extreme risks: the challenge to properly cover severe claims Lopez Olivier, Thomas Maud
2022 hal-03521435 When do two rational functions have locally biholomorphic Julia sets? Dujardin Romain, Favre Charles, Gauthier Thomas
2022 hal-03513133 Quenched linear response for smooth expanding on average cocycles Dragičević Davor, Giulietti Paolo, Sedro Julien
2022 hal-03498263 A level-set approach to the control of state-constrained McKean-Vlasov equations: application to renewable energy storage and portfolio selection Germain Maximilien, Pham Huyên, Warin Xavier
2022 hal-03464883 Stable sums to infer high return levels of multivariate rainfall time series Buriticá Gloria, Naveau Philippe
2022 hal-03454862 A nationwide indicator to smooth and normalize heterogeneous SARS-CoV-2 RNA data in wastewater Cluzel Nicolas, Courbariaux Marie, Wang Siyun, Moulin Laurent, Wurtzer Sébastien, Bertrand Isabelle, Laurent Karine, Monfort Patrick, Gantzer Christophe, Guyader Soizick Le, Boni Mickaël, Mouchel Jean-Marie, Maréchal Vincent, Nuel Grégory, Maday Yvon
2022 hal-03445622 Irregular timing of population cycles Rubin Jonathan E, Hearn David J, Greenwood Priscilla E, Parsons Todd L., Abbott Karen C
2022 hal-03402076 Topologically penalized regression on manifolds Hacquard Olympio, Balasubramanian Krishnakumar, Blanchard Gilles, Levrard Clément, Polonik Wolfgang
2022 hal-03343481 Non-Asymptotic Analysis of Stochastic Approximation Algorithms for Streaming Data Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Werge Nicklas, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03339088 Geometric methods in holomorphic dynamics Dujardin Romain
2022 hal-03326051 Numerical resolution of McKean-Vlasov FBSDEs using neural networks * Germain Maximilien, Mikael Joseph, Warin Xavier
2022 hal-03310875 Application of machine learning methods to predict drought cost in France Heranval Antoine, Lopez Olivier, Thomas Maud
2022 hal-03295406 Master Bellman equation in the Wasserstein space: Uniqueness of viscosity solutions Cosso Andrea, Gozzi Fausto, Kharroubi Idris, Pham Huyên, Rosestolato Mauro
2022 hal-03269176 Large deviations of lp-blocks of regularly varying time series and applications to cluster inference Buritic Á Gloria, Mikosch Thomas, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03232621 SHAFF: Fast and consistent SHApley eFfect estimates via random Forests Bénard Clément, Biau Gérard, da Veiga Sébastien, Scornet Erwan
2022 hal-03206154 Horocycle averages on closed manifolds and transfer operators Adam Alexander, Baladi Viviane
2022 hal-03202701 Statistical stability and linear response for random hyperbolic dynamics Dragičević Davor, Sedro Julien
2022 hal-03199916 Scaling limits of tree-valued branching random walks Duquesne Thomas, Khanfir Robin, Lin Shen, Niccolo Torri
2022 hal-03191630 An appraisal of graph embeddings for comparing trophic network architectures Botella Christophe, Dray Stéphane, Matias Catherine, Miele Vincent, Thuiller Wilfried
2022 hal-03172480 Quantifying the overall effect of biotic interactions on species communities along environmental gradients Miele Vincent, Matias Catherine, Ohlmann Marc, Poggiato Giovanni, Dray Stéphane, Thuiller Wilfried
2022 hal-03154116 DeepSets and their derivative networks for solving symmetric PDEs * Germain Maximilien, Laurière Mathieu, Pham Huyên, Warin Xavier
2022 hal-03154021 Rate of convergence for particle approximation of PDEs in Wasserstein space * Germain Maximilien, Pham Huyên, Warin Xavier
2022 hal-03151611 MDA for random forests: inconsistency, and a practical solution via the Sobol-MDA Bénard Clément, da Veiga Sébastien, Scornet Erwan
2022 hal-03140279 Reflected BSDEs in non-convex domains Chassagneux Jean-François, Nadtochiy Sergey, Richou Adrien
2022 hal-03133228 Strong rates of convergence of space-time discretization schemes for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations with additive noise Bessaih Hakima, Millet Annie
2022 hal-03125863 Stochastic Online Convex Optimization; Application to probabilistic time series forecasting Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-03104188 Functional convex order for the scaled McKean-Vlasov processes Liu Yating, Pagès Gilles
2022 hal-03083022 Quantization and martingale couplings Jourdain Benjamin, Pagès Gilles
2022 hal-03082311 Unadjusted Langevin algorithm with multiplicative noise: Total variation and Wasserstein bounds Pages Gilles, Panloup Fabien
2022 hal-03058452 Microbial community modelling and diversity estimation using the hierarchical Pitman-Yor process Mcgregor Kevin, Labbe Aurélie, Greenwood Celia Mt, Parsons Todd, Quince Christopher
2022 hal-03033217 Hypocoercivity with Schur complements Bernard Etienne, Fathi Max, Levitt Antoine, Stoltz Gabriel
2022 hal-03021151 On the nonparametric inference of coefficients of self-exciting jump-diffusion Amorino Chiara, Dion Charlotte, Gloter Arnaud, Lemler Sarah
2022 hal-02995288 Adversarial Manifold Estimation Aamari Eddie, Knop Alexander
2022 hal-02992614 Probing symmetries of quantum many-body systems through gap ratio statistics Giraud Olivier, Macé Nicolas, Vernier Eric, Alet Fabien
2022 hal-02982156 Reflected random walks and unstable Martin boundary Ignatiouk-Robert Irina, Kourkova Irina, Raschel Kilian
2022 hal-02977537 The continuum directed polymer in Lévy Noise Berger Quentin, Lacoin Hubert
2022 hal-02964117 Uniform Deconvolution for Poisson Point Processes Bonnet Anna, Lacour Claire, Picard Franck, Rivoirard Vincent
2022 hal-02947400 Thermodynamic formalism for dispersing billiards Baladi Viviane, Demers Mark
2022 hal-02901167 Independence versus Indetermination: basis of two canonical clustering criteria Bertrand Pierre Jean-Claude Robert, Broniatowski Michel, Marcotorchino Jean-François
2022 hal-02866510 CONFORMAL BOOTSTRAP IN LIOUVILLE THEORY Guillarmou Colin, Kupiainen Antti, Rhodes Rémi, Vargas Vincent
2022 hal-02780876 Random dynamics on real and complex projective surfaces Cantat Serge, Dujardin Romain
2022 hal-02733439 AdaVol: An Adaptive Recursive Volatility Prediction Method Werge Nicklas, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-02586009 Contrast estimation of time-varying infinite memory processes Bardet Jean-Marc, Doukhan Paul, Wintenberger Olivier
2022 hal-02569696 Robust Lasso-Zero for sparse corruption and model selection with missing covariates Descloux Pascaline, Boyer Claire, Josse Julie, Sportisse Aude, Sardy Sylvain
2022 hal-02557456 Extremal distance and conformal radius of a CLE_4 loop Aru Juhan, Lupu Titus, Sepúlveda Avelio
2022 hal-02463626 Switching problems with controlled randomisation and associated obliquely reflected BSDEs Bénézet Cyril, Chassagneux Jean-François, Richou Adrien
2022 hal-02423791 Isoradial immersions Boutillier Cédric, Cimasoni David, de Tilière Béatrice
2022 hal-02306374 A coupling approach for the convergence to equilibrium for a collisionless gas Bernou Armand, Fournier Nicolas
2022 hal-02304190 Convex order, quantization and monotone approximations of ARCH models Jourdain Benjamin, Pagès Gilles
2022 hal-02303098 On the fractional susceptibility function of piecewise expanding maps Aspenberg M., Baladi Viviane, Leppänen J., Persson T.
2022 hal-02266669 Topological expansion in isomorphism theorems between matrix-valued fields and random walks Lupu Titus
2022 ensl-01773432 Limits of multiplicative inhomogeneous random graphs and Lévy trees: The continuum graphs Broutin Nicolas, Duquesne Thomas, Wang Minmin
2021 tel-03783516 Windings of the planar Brownian motion and Green’s formula Sauzedde Isao
2021 tel-03722429 Handling heterogeneous and MNAR missing data in statistical learning frameworks : imputation based on low-rank models, online linear regression with SGD, and model-based clustering Sportisse Aude
2021 tel-03714427 Non Markovian stochastic linear-quadratic control : Volterra equations, rough volatility and equations with delay Miller Enzo
2021 tel-03665790 New insights on concentrations inequalities for martingales applications to statistics and machine learning Touati Taieb
2021 tel-03602842 Conditions de Monge, Transport Optimal et Pont Relationnel : propriétés, applications et extension du couplage d'indétermination Bertrand Pierre
2021 tel-03550527 Study of numerical methods for some stochastic differential equations in finance and modeling of capital distribution in financial market Li Houzhi
2021 tel-03546798 Scaling limits of branching and coalescing models arising in population biology Foutel-Rodier Félix
2021 tel-03507274 Learning time-dependent data with the signature transform Fermanian Adeline
2021 tel-03481989 Application of advanced statistical analysis for internal modeling in life insurance Duong Quang Dien
2021 tel-03481974 Regularization phenomena for stochastic (partial) differential equations via Itô- and pathwise stochastic calculi Bechtold Florian
2021 tel-03481902 Generative Adversarial Networks : theory and practice Tanielian Ugo
2021 tel-03478241 Forêts aléatoires et interprétabilité des algorithmes d’apprentissage Bénard Clément
2021 tel-03457422 Arbres couvrants minimums aléatoires inhomogènes, propriétés et limite Safsafi Othmane
2021 tel-03400041 Sparse random graphs: from local specifications to global phenomena Conchon–Kerjan Guillaume
2021 inserm-03167145 Guiding measurement protocols of connected medical devices using digital twins: A statistical methodology applied to detecting and monitoring lymphedema Bethencourt Loic, Dabachine Walid, Dejouy Vincent, Lalmiche Zakaria, Neuberger Karl, Ibnouhsein Issam, Chereau Sandrine, Mathelin Carole, Savy Nicolas, Saint-Pierre Philippe, Bousquet Nicolas
2021 hal-03872830 Limit of trees with fixed degree sequence Blanc-Renaudie Arthur
2021 hal-03845799 A short proof of quantitative stability for the Heisenberg–Pauli–Weyl inequality Fathi Max
2021 hal-03666914 Andrei Nikolaevitch Kolmogorov's visits to France. Resuming the scientific relationship between France and Soviet Union after Stalin's death. Mazliak Laurent
2021 hal-03625696 Clustering high dimensional meteorological scenarios: Results and performance index Barrera Yamila, Boechi Leonardo, Jonckheere Matthieu, Lefieux Vincent, Picard Dominique, Smucler Ezequiel, Somacal Agustín, Umfurer Alfredo
2021 hal-03560951 Binacox: automatic cut‐point detection in high‐dimensional Cox model with applications in genetics Bussy Simon, Alaya Mokhtar, Jannot Anne‐sophie, Guilloux Agathe
2021 hal-03529221 Equilibrium price in intraday electricity market Aïd René, Cosso A., Pham Huyên
2021 hal-03528647 AMF: Aggregated Mondrian forests for online learning Mourtada Jaouad, Gaïffas Stéphane, Scornet Erwan
2021 hal-03502141 Minimal bipartite dimers and higher genus Harnack curves Boutillier Cédric, Cimasoni David, de Tilière Béatrice
2021 hal-03494674 Model-based Clustering with Missing Not At Random Data Sportisse Aude, Marbac Matthieu, Biernacki Christophe, Boyer Claire, Celeux Gilles, Laporte Fabien, Josse Julie
2021 hal-03486564 Generalized Pareto Regression Trees for extreme events analysis Farkas Sébastien, Heranval Antoine, Lopez Olivier, Thomas Maud
2021 hal-03474675 Note on the Role of the Placebo Group in The Short-Term and Long Term Hazard Ratio Model Flandre Philippe, O'Quigley John
2021 hal-03452133 Assessing the Risk of Cascading COVID-19 Outbreaks from Prison-to-Prison Transfers Parsons Todd L, Worden Lee
2021 hal-03452073 Assessing the Risk of Cascading COVID-19 Outbreaks from Prison-to-Prison Transfers Parsons Todd, Worden Lee
2021 hal-03451454 The stochastic heat equation with multiplicative Lévy noise: Existence, moments, and intermittency Berger Quentin, Chong Carsten, Lacoin Hubert
2021 hal-03450269 Assessing the risk of cascading COVID-19 outbreaks from prison-to-prison transfers Parsons Todd, Worden Lee
2021 hal-03449417 Joint global fluctuations of complex Wigner and deterministic matrices Male Camile, Mingo James, Péché Sandrine, Speicher Roland
2021 hal-03442486 Mathematical modeling and adequate environmental sampling plans are essential for the public health assessment of COVID-19 pandemics : development of a monitoring indicator for SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater Cluzel Nicolas, Courbariaux Marie, Wang Siyun, Moulin Laurent, Wurtzer Sébastien, Bertrand Isabelle, Laurent Karine, Monfort Patrick, Le Guyader Soizick, Boni Mickaël, Mouchel Jean-Marie, Maréchal Vincent, Nuel Grégory, Maday Yvon
2021 hal-03432921 Bounds in $L^1$ Wasserstein distance on the normal approximation of general M-estimators Bachoc François, Fathi Max
2021 hal-03429785 Optimal bidding strategies for digital advertising Motte Médéric, Pham Huyên
2021 hal-03427135 Asymptotic of the smallest eigenvalues of the continuous Anderson Hamiltonian in $d \leq 3$ Hsu Yueh-Sheng, Labbé Cyril
2021 hal-03420524 Strong solutions of semilinear SPDEs with unbounded diffusion Bechtold Florian
2021 hal-03414684 Selective Chaos of Travelling Waves in Feedforward Chains of Bistable Maps Fernandez Bastien
2021 hal-03405268 Isomorphisms of β-Dyson’s Brownian motion with Brownian local time Lupu Titus
2021 hal-03388840 Cyber contagion: impact of the network structure on the losses of an insurance portfolio Hillairet Caroline, Lopez Olivier, d'Oultremont Louise, Spoorenberg Brieuc
2021 hal-03384516 Collisions of the supercritical Keller-Segel particle system Fournier Nicolas, Tardy Yoan
2021 hal-03371645 Invariant measures for large automorphism groups of projective surfaces Cantat Serge, Dujardin Romain
2021 hal-03366943 A mathematical assessment of the efficiency of quarantining and contact tracing in curbing the COVID-19 epidemic Lambert Amaury
2021 hal-03359868 State-Space Models Win the IEEE DataPort Competition on Post-covid Day-ahead Electricity Load Forecasting de Vilmarest Joseph, Goude Yannig
2021 hal-03350073 Actuator Health State Monitoring & Degradation Impact Study on a 4-Mecanum Wheeled Mobile Robot Behaviour Mellah Samia, Graton Guillaume, El Adel El Mostafa, Ouladsine Mustapha, Planchais Alain
2021 hal-03340229 An autoregressive model for a censored data denoising method robust to outliers with application to the Obépine SARS-CoV-2 monitoring Courbariaux Marie, Cluzel Nicolas, Wang Siyun, Maréchal Vincent, Moulin Laurent, Wurtzer Sébastien, Consortium Obépine, Mouchel Jean-Marie, Maday Yvon, Nuel Grégory
2021 hal-03329875 Minimization with respect to divergences and applications Bertrand Pierre, Broniatowski Michel, Marcotorchino Jean-François
2021 hal-03323319 A vector-valued almost sure invariance principle for random expanding on average cocycles Dragičević Davor, Hafouta Yeor, Sedro Julien
2021 hal-03317051 Minimax Boundary Estimation and Estimation with Boundary Aamari Eddie, Aaron Catherine, Levrard Clément
2021 hal-03313129 Predicting Risk-adjusted Returns using an Asset Independent Regime-switching Model Werge Nicklas
2021 hal-03312412 Multiplicative chaos of the Brownian loop soup Aïdekon Elie, Berestycki Nathanaël, Jego Antoine, Lupu Titus
2021 hal-03309709 Neuronal Network Inference and Membrane Potential Model using Multivariate Hawkes Processes Bonnet Anna, Dion Charlotte, Gindraud François, Lemler Sarah
2021 hal-03301765 Recursive Estimation of a Failure Probability for a Lipschitz Function Bernard Lucie, Cohen Albert, Guyader Arnaud, Malrieu Florent
2021 hal-03297132 Convergence in quadratic mean of averaged stochastic gradient algorithms without strong convexity nor bounded gradient Godichon-Baggioni Antoine
2021 hal-03283126 General epidemiological models: Law of large numbers and contact tracing Duchamps Jean-Jil, Foutel-Rodier Félix, Schertzer Emmanuel
2021 hal-03278978 Polyhedral-based Modelling and Algorithms for Tolerancing Analysis Delos Vincent, Teissandier Denis, Malyshev Alexander, Nuel Grégory, García Sonia
2021 hal-03278232 A precise bare simulation approach to the minimization of some distances. Foundations Broniatowski Michel, Stummer Wolfgang
2021 hal-03277685 A level line of the Gaussian free field with measure-valued boundary conditions Lupu Titus, Wu Hao
2021 hal-03264893 Integral Operator Riccati Equations Arising in Stochastic Volterra Control Problems Abi Jaber Eduardo, Miller Enzo, Pham Huyen
2021 hal-03263535 New data on the genetic profile and penetrance of hereditary Val30Met transthyretin amyloidosis in Sweden Olsson Malin, Alarcon Flora, Nuel Gregory, Anan Intissar, Planté-Bordeneuve Violaine
2021 hal-03258786 A Gamma Ornstein–Uhlenbeck model driven by a Hawkes process Bernis Guillaume, Brignone Riccardo, Scotti Simone, Sgarra Carlo
2021 hal-03254462 Sign Consistency of the Generalized Elastic Net Estimator Zhu Wencan, Adjakossa Eric Houngla, Lévy-Leduc Céline, Ternès Nils
2021 hal-03250576 Some variations on the extremal index Buriticá Gloria, Meyer Nicolas, Mikosch Thomas, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-03233068 Risk Quantization by Magnitude and Propensity Faugeras Olivier P., Pages Gilles
2021 hal-03231726 EXACT DIMENSION OF FURSTENBERG MEASURES Ledrappier Francois, Lessa Pablo
2021 hal-03220416 From Graph Centrality to Data Depth Aamari Eddie, Arias-Castro Ery, Berenfeld Clément
2021 hal-03219353 Quenched limit theorems for expanding on average cocycles Dragičević Davor, Sedro Julien
2021 hal-03215096 Continuous indetermination and average likelihood minimization Bertrand Pierre, Broniatowski Michel, Marcotorchino Jean-François
2021 hal-03214472 Post hoc false discovery proportion inference under a Hidden Markov Model Perrot-Dockès Marie, Blanchard Gilles, Neuvial Pierre, Roquain Etienne
2021 hal-03211100 Predictive models on 1D signals in a small-data environment Coppini Fabio, Jiang Yiye, Tabti Sonia
2021 hal-03208539 Explicit construction of non-linear pseudo-Anosov maps, with nonminimal invariant foliations Carrand Jérôme
2021 hal-03205372 Monotone convex order for the McKean-Vlasov processes Liu Yating, Pagès Gilles
2021 hal-03199401 Viking: Variational Bayesian Variance Tracking de Vilmarest Joseph, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-03197696 Stable limit theorems for additive functionals of one-dimensional diffusion processes Béthencourt Loïc
2021 hal-03197369 Logarithmic bounds for ergodic averages of constant type rotation number flows on the torus: a short proof Carrand Jérôme
2021 hal-03196144 Dimension-free PAC-Bayesian bounds for matrices, vectors, and linear least squares regression Catoni Olivier, Giulini Ilaria
2021 hal-03196142 Kernel Spectral Clustering Giulini Ilaria
2021 hal-03196139 Dimension-free PAC-Bayesian bounds for the estimation of the mean of a random vector Catoni Olivier, Giulini Ilaria
2021 hal-03195616 Accelerated Iterative Regularization via Dual Diagonal Descent Calatroni Luca, Garrigos Guillaume, Rosasco Lorenzo, Villa Silvia
2021 hal-03191347 Regularity of Characteristic Exponents and Linear Response for Transfer Operator Cocycles Sedro Julien, Rugh Hans Henrik
2021 hal-03188120 Pre-threshold fractional susceptibility functions at Misiurewicz parameters Sedro Julien
2021 hal-03183612 A self-consistent dynamical system with multiple absolutely continuous invariant measures Sélley Fanni M
2021 hal-03183609 Linear Response for a Family of Self-consistent Transfer Operators Sélley Fanni M, Tanzi Matteo
2021 hal-03183003 Convergence rates of Gibbs measures with degenerate minimum Bras Pierre
2021 hal-03180771 Global Trace Formula for Ultra-Differentiable Anosov Flows Jézéquel Malo
2021 hal-03180668 On The Simulated Annealing In $\mathbf{R}^d$. Fournier Nicolas, Tardif Camille
2021 hal-03180491 Stability, well-posedness and regularity of the homogeneous Landau equation for hard potentials Fournier Nicolas, Heydecker Daniel
2021 hal-03180481 On exponential moments of the homogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard potentials without cutoff Fournier Nicolas
2021 hal-03180348 Generalizations of forest fires with ignition at origin Comets Francis, Menshikov Mikhail, Volkov Stanislav
2021 hal-03178602 Regularity of the time constant for a supercritical Bernoulli percolation Dembin Barbara
2021 hal-03178562 Compactness and fractal dimensions of inhomogeneous continuum random trees Blanc-Renaudie Arthur
2021 hal-03173293 Estimating minimum effect with outlier selection Carpentier Alexandra, Delattre Sylvain, Roquain Etienne, Verzelen Nicolas
2021 hal-03161843 Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Hawkes Processes with self-excitation or inhibition Bonnet Anna, Martinez Herrera Miguel, Sangnier Maxime
2021 hal-03147211 Multiclass Classification for Hawkes Processes Denis Christophe, Dion Charlotte, Sansonnet Laure
2021 hal-03146283 Rate of escape of conditioned Brownian motion Collin Orphée, Comets Francis
2021 hal-03145949 Linear-quadratic stochastic delayed control and deep learning resolution Lefebvre William, Miller Enzo
2021 hal-03145689 A timed tally counter for microscopic examination of thick blood smears in malaria studies Nuel Grégory, Garcia André
2021 hal-03133608 A non-expanding transport distance for some structured equations Fournier Nicolas, Perthame Benoît
2021 hal-03133261 Spectral density of random graphs: convergence properties and application in model fitting de Siqueira Santos Suzana, Fujita André, Matias Catherine
2021 hal-03129235 Edge fluctuations for random normal matrix ensembles García-Zelada David
2021 hal-03115503 Neural networks-based algorithms for stochastic control and PDEs in finance * Germain Maximilien, Pham Huyên, Warin Xavier
2021 hal-03115125 Non-directed polymers in heavy-tail random environment in dimension $d\geq 2$ Berger Quentin, Niccolo Torri, Wei Ran
2021 hal-03107197 LÉVY AREA WITHOUT APPROXIMATION Sauzedde Isao
2021 hal-03078824 Inférence bayésienne de l’évolution de l’atrophie cérébrale et de plages de leucopathie à partir de séquences IRM 3D non homogénéisées Roussel Julien, Ancelet Sophie, Djazoubi Samy, Brelurut Geoffray, Damon Cecilia, Ribeiro Monica, Pyatigorskaya Nadia, Bernier Marie Odile, Ricard Damien, Bousquet Nicolas
2021 hal-03046239 On entropy production of repeated quantum measurements II. Examples Benoist Tristan, Cuneo Noé, Jakšić Vojkan, Pillet Claude-Alain
2021 hal-03030500 Coherent interferometric imaging in a random flow Gay Etienne, Bonnet Luc, Peyret Christophe, Savin Éric, Garnier Josselin
2021 hal-03008212 On the asymptotic rate of convergence of Stochastic Newton algorithms and their Weighted Averaged versions Boyer Claire, Godichon-Baggioni Antoine
2021 hal-02977536 The scaling limit of the directed polymer with power-law tail disorder Berger Quentin, Lacoin Hubert
2021 hal-02975674 Optimal dual quantizers of 1D log-concave distributions: uniqueness and Lloyd like algorithm Jourdain Benjamin, Pagès Gilles
2021 hal-02974199 Analyzing the tree-layer structure of Deep Forests Arnould Ludovic, Boyer Claire, Scornet Erwan, Lpsm Sorbonne
2021 hal-02963113 Large deviation principle for the streams and the maximal flow in first passage percolation Dembin Barbara, Théret Marie
2021 hal-02917464 Piecewise linear continuous estimators of the quantile function Blanke Delphine, Bosq Denis
2021 hal-02912006 Fractional susceptibility functions for the quadratic family: Misiurewicz-Thurston parameters Baladi Viviane, Smania Daniel
2021 hal-02904347 Multivariate sparse clustering for extremes Meyer Nicolas, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-02884333 A Kernel-based Consensual Aggregation for Regression Has Sothea
2021 hal-02878046 Equidistribution of horospheres in nonpositive curvature Burniol Clotet Sergi
2021 hal-02877569 Markowitz portfolio selection for multivariate affine and quadratic Volterra models Abi Jaber Eduardo, Miller Enzo, Pham Huyên
2021 hal-02874817 Behavior of solutions to the 1D focusing stochastic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with spatially correlated noise Millet Annie, Rodriguez Alex D, Roudenko Svetlana, Yang Kai
2021 hal-02869538 Derivative martingale of the branching Brownian motion in dimension $d \geq 1$ Stasiński Roman, Berestycki Julien, Mallein Bastien
2021 hal-02751784 Some Theoretical Insights into Wasserstein GANs Biau Gérard, Sangnier Maxime, Tanielian Ugo
2021 hal-02739480 Topological and geometric hyperbolicity criteria for polynomial automorphisms of C^2 Bedford Eric, Dujardin Romain
2021 hal-02708571 Behavior of solutions to the 1D focusing stochastic $L^2$-critical and supercritical nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with space-time white noise Millet Annie, Roudenko Svetlana, Yang Kai
2021 hal-02696205 Approximation error analysis of some deep backward schemes for nonlinear PDEs Germain Maximilien, Pham Huyen, Warin Xavier
2021 hal-02591409 Asymptotic Independence ex machina - Extreme Value Theory for the Diagonal SRE Model Mentemeier Sebastian, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-02557113 Interpretable Random Forests via Rule Extraction Bénard Clément, Biau Gérard, da Veiga Sébastien, Scornet Erwan
2021 hal-02525906 Relaxing door-to-door matching reduces passenger waiting times: a workflow for the analysis of driver GPS traces in a stochastic carpooling service Papoutsis Panayotis, Fennia Safa, Bridon Constant, Duong Tarn
2021 hal-02475936 Inference for partially observed epidemic dynamics guided by Kalman filtering techniques Narci Romain, Delattre Maud, Larédo Catherine, Vergu Elisabeta
2021 hal-02465446 Optimal quantization of the mean measure and applications to statistical learning Chazal Frédéric, Levrard Clément, Royer Martin
2021 hal-02438241 Wick polynomials in noncommutative probability: a group-theoretical approach Ebrahimi-Fard K., Patras F., Tapia Nikolas, Zambotti Lorenzo
2021 hal-02422417 Martin boundary of killed random walks on isoradial graphs Boutillier Cédric, Raschel Kilian, Bostan Alin
2021 hal-02413114 Mean-field Markov decision processes with common noise and open-loop controls Motte Médéric, Pham Huyên
2021 hal-02409079 Dual Optimization for convex constrained objectives without the gradient-Lipschitz assumptions Gaïffas Stéphane, Bompaire Martin, Bacry Emmanuel
2021 hal-02333747 Covariant Symanzik Identities Kassel Adrien, Levy Thierry
2021 hal-02320543 On agnostic post hoc approaches to false positive control Blanchard Gilles, Neuvial Pierre, Roquain Etienne
2021 hal-02315386 Inverting the Ray-Knight identity on the line Lupu Titus, Sabot Christophe, Tarrès Pierre
2021 hal-02314239 WELL-POSEDNESS OF SOME NON-LINEAR STABLE DRIVEN SDES Frikha Noufel, Konakov Valentin, Menozzi Stéphane
2021 hal-02296513 ATOL: Measure Vectorization for Automatic Topologically-Oriented Learning Royer Martin, Chazal Frédéric, Levrard Clément, Umeda Yuhei, Ike Yuichi
2021 hal-02280297 A clusterwise supervised learning procedure based on aggregation of distances Fisher Aurélie, Mougeot Mathilde, Has Sothea
2021 hal-02277747 Simulated annealing in Rd with slowly growing potentials Fournier Nicolas, Monmarché Pierre, Tardif Camille
2021 hal-02222897 The Derrida–Retaux conjecture on recursive models Chen Xinxing, Dagard Victor, Derrida Bernard, Hu Yueyun, Lifshits Mikhail, Shi Zhan
2021 hal-02196165 Neural networks-based backward scheme for fully nonlinear PDEs Pham Huyen, Warin Xavier, Germain Maximilien
2021 hal-02177620 There are no deviations for the ergodic averages of the Giulietti-Liverani horocycle flows on the two-torus Baladi Viviane
2021 hal-02170687 Consistent Regression using Data-Dependent Coverings Margot Vincent, Baudry Jean-Patrick, Guilloux Frédéric, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-02168495 Sparse regular variation Meyer Nicolas, Wintenberger Olivier
2021 hal-02165001 The Moran forest Bienvenu François, Duchamps Jean-Jil, Foutel-Rodier Félix
2021 hal-02094514 Exponential ergodicity for diffusions with jumps driven by a Hawkes process Dion Charlotte, Lemler Sarah, Löcherbach Eva
2021 hal-02025835 American options in a non-linear incomplete market model with default Grigorova Miryana, Quenez Marie-Claire, Sulem Agnès
2021 hal-02013995 Geometric stochastic heat equations Bruned Yvain, Gabriel Franck, Hairer Martin, Zambotti Lorenzo
2021 hal-01959728 Regression modelling of interval censored data based on the adaptive ridge procedure Bouaziz Olivier, Lauridsen Eva, Nuel Grégory
2021 hal-01867133 Portfolio diversification and model uncertainty: a robust dynamic mean-variance approach Pham Huyen, Wei Xiaoli, Zhou Chao
2021 hal-01853244 Proximal boosting and variants Fouillen Erwan, Boyer Claire, Sangnier Maxime
2021 hal-01850854 Nearest neighbor balanced block designs for autoregressive errors Koné Mamadou, Valibouze Annick
2021 hal-01788601 Some problems of arithmetic origin in rational dynamics Dujardin Romain
2021 hal-01774150 Pricing without martingale measure Baptiste Julien, Carassus Laurence, Lépinette Emmanuel
2021 hal-01706671 Beyond Hammersley's Last-Passage Percolation: a discussion on possible local and global constraints Berger Quentin, Torri Niccolo
2021 hal-01662197 Regularized Bidimensional Estimation of the Hazard Rate Goepp Vivien, Thalabard Jean-Christophe, Nuel Grégory, Bouaziz Olivier
2020 tel-03431159 Long-Time Behavior of Kinetic Equations with Boundary Effects Bernou Armand
2020 tel-03411953 Fatou-Julia dichotomy and non-uniform hyperbolicity for holomorphic endomorphisms on P2(C) Ji Zhuchao
2020 tel-03371445 Interpretable Algorithms for Regression : Theory and Applications Margot Vincent
2020 tel-03343958 Maximum likelihood estimation in dynamic or spatial stochastic block models Longepierre Léa
2020 tel-03285799 Some contributions of Bayesian and computational learning methods to portfolio selection problems Nicolle Johann
2020 tel-03264959 Modelling and characterization of extreme fatigue risks for metallic materials Miranda Emilie
2020 tel-03213594 Pro-cyclicality of risk measurements. Empirical quantification and theoretical confirmation Bräutigam Marcel
2020 tel-03175532 Percolation and first passage percolation : isoperimetric, time and flow constants Dembin Barbara
2020 tel-03131709 La théorie des probabilités et l'Institut Henri Poincaré (1918-1939) : construction d'un champ probabiliste parisien et pratique d'un transfert culturel Cléry Matthias
2020 tel-03112849 Numerical methods by optimal quantization in finance Montes Thibaut
2020 tel-03103986 Greedy quantization: new approach and applications to reflected backward SDE El Nmeir Rancy
2020 tel-03096870 Asymptotic representation theory and applications to Yang-Mills theory Lemoine Thibaut
2020 tel-03096854 Spectral theory of ultradifferentiable hyperbolic dynamics Jézéquel Malo
2020 tel-02977794 High-dimensional Learning for Extremes Meyer Nicolas
2020 tel-02970875 Weakly interacting diffusions on graphs Coppini Fabio
2020 tel-02969115 Sequential Monte Carlo and Applications in Molecular Dynamics Du Qiming
2020 tel-02954165 Pro-cyclicality of Risk Measurements - Empirical Quantification and Theoretical Confirmation Bräutigam Marcel
2020 tel-02931357 Percolation and first passage percolation: isoperimetric, time and flow constants Dembin Barbara
2020 hal-03714163 A McKean-Vlasov approach to distributed electricity generation development Aïd René, Basei Matteo, Pham Huyen
2020 hal-03591881 Hairer’s reconstruction theorem without regularity structures Caravenna Francesco, Zambotti Lorenzo
2020 hal-03528643 Minimax optimal rates for Mondrian trees and forests Mourtada Jaouad, Gaïffas Stéphane, Scornet Erwan
2020 hal-03492318 The spatial Muller’s ratchet: Surfing of deleterious mutations during range expansion Foutel-Rodier Félix, Etheridge Alison M.
2020 hal-03427753 Mixing times and cutoffs in open quadratic fermionic systems Vernier Eric
2020 hal-03427749 “Not- A ”, representation symmetry-protected topological, and Potts phases in an S 3 -invariant chain O'Brien Edward, Vernier Eric, Fendley Paul
2020 hal-03364764 Mini-Workshop: Dimers, Ising and Spanning Trees beyond the Critical Isoradial Case Boutillier Cédric, Ramassamy Sanjay, Russkikh Marianna
2020 hal-03353001 Multiview cluster aggregation and splitting, with an application to multiomic breast cancer data Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Maugis-Rabusseau Cathy, Rau Andrea
2020 hal-03289869 Mesures centrales pour les graphes multiplicatifs, représentations d’algèbres de Lie et polytopes des poids Lecouvey Cédric, Tarrago Pierre
2020 hal-03230838 Study of behaviours and emitted codas during sperm whales social interactions Adam Olivier, Yernaux Adrien, Sauvêtre Marie, Ngosso Justine, Nuel Gregory, Haffner-Trinh Marie, Troussier Robin, Guillerm Zohria-Lys, Picon Léa, Barluet Lucie, Kühn Victoire, Delfour Fabienne, Sarano Veronique, Vitry Hugues, Preud'Homme Axel, Heuzey Rene, Jung Jean-Luc, Girardet Justine, Glotin Hervé, Sarano Francois
2020 hal-03212543 Overcoming the challenges associated with universal screening for Lynch syndrome in colorectal and endometrial cancer Benusiglio Patrick R, Coulet Florence, Lefebvre Alexandra, Duval Alex, Nuel Gregory
2020 hal-03187988 Quadratic response of random and deterministic dynamical systems Galatolo Stefano, Sedro Julien
2020 hal-03187973 Arnold Maps with Noise: Differentiability and Non-monotonicity of the Rotation Number Marangio L., Sedro J., Galatolo S., Di Garbo A., Ghil M.
2020 hal-03180715 Transfer operators for ultradifferentiable expanding maps of the circle Jézéquel Malo
2020 hal-03180505 Anomalous diffusion for multi-dimensional critical kinetic Fokker–Planck equations Fournier Nicolas, Tardif Camille
2020 hal-03179758 Renormalizing the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang Equation in $$d\ge 3$$ in Weak Disorder Comets Francis, Cosco Clément, Mukherjee Chiranjib
2020 hal-03179756 Two-Dimensional Brownian Random Interlacements Comets Francis, Popov Serguei
2020 hal-03179749 Random walks avoiding their convex hull with a finite memory Comets Francis, Menshikov Mikhail, Wade Andrew
2020 hal-03172363 Fast Hybrid Schemes for Fractional Riccati Equations (Rough is not so Tough) Callegaro Giorgia, Grasselli Martino, Pagès Gilles
2020 hal-03166814 Trajectories of functioning in bipolar disorders: A longitudinal study in the FondaMental Advanced Centers of Expertise in Bipolar Disorders cohort Godin Ophelia, Leboyer Marion, Mazroui Yassin, Aouizerate Bruno, Azorin Jean- Michel, Belzeaux Raoul, Bellivier Frank, Polosan Mircea, Courtet Philippe, Dubertret Caroline, Henry Chantal, Kahn Jean-Pierre, Loftus Josephine, Olié Emilie, Passerieux Christine, Costagliola Dominique, Etain Bruno
2020 hal-03158726 Size of a minimal cutset in supercritical first passage percolation Dembin Barbara, Théret Marie
2020 hal-03147611 An efficient dimension reduction for the Gaussian process emulation of two nested codes with functional outputs Marque-Pucheu Sophie, Perrin Guillaume, Garnier Josselin
2020 hal-03137815 The genomic view of diversification Marin Julie, Achaz Guillaume, Crombach Anton, Lambert Amaury
2020 hal-03095571 Robustness of Liouville Measure under a Family of Stable Diffusions Ledrappier Francois, Shu Lin
2020 hal-03094321 Three problems solved by Sébastien Gouëzel Ledrappier François
2020 hal-03089795 Robustness of Community Detection to Random Geometric Perturbations Peche Sandrine, Perchet Vianney
2020 hal-03089210 PPanGGOLiN: Depicting microbial diversity via a partitioned pangenome graph Gautreau Guillaume, Bazin Adelme, Gachet Mathieu, Planel Rémi, Burlot Laura, Dubois Mathieu, Perrin Amandine, Médigue Claudine, Calteau Alexandra, Cruveiller Stéphane, Matias Catherine, Ambroise Christophe, Rocha Eduardo P. C., Vallenet David
2020 hal-03088371 Optimal control of path-dependent McKean-Vlasov SDEs in infinite dimension Cosso Andrea, Gozzi Fausto, Kharroubi Idris, Pham Huyên, Rosestolato Mauro
2020 hal-03086553 A constructive method to minimize couple matchings Bertrand Pierre, Broniatowski Michel, Marcotorchino Jean-François
2020 hal-03065959 Optimal Exploitation of a General Renewable Natural Resource under State and Delay Constraints Gaïgi M’hamed, Kharroubi Idris, Lim Thomas
2020 hal-03049246 Pareto Optima for a Class of Singular Control Games Cont Rama, Guo Xin, Xu Renyuan
2020 hal-03035398 Finite orbits for large groups of automorphisms of projective surfaces Cantat Serge, Dujardin Romain
2020 hal-03035292 An infinite-dimensional representation of the Ray-Knight theorems Aïdékon Elie, Hu Yueyun, Shi Zhan
2020 hal-03020260 Comptes Rendus Biologies Cluzel Nicolas, Lambert Amaury, Maday Yvon, Turinici Gabriel, Danchin Antoine
2020 hal-03016433 Probabilistic representation of integration by parts formulae for some stochastic volatility models with unbounded drift Chen Junchao, Frikha Noufel, Li Houzhi
2020 hal-02997039 Hairer's Reconstruction Theorem without Regularity Structures Caravenna Francesco, Zambotti Lorenzo
2020 hal-02997037 The geometry of the space of branched rough paths Tapia Nikolas, Zambotti Lorenzo
2020 hal-02988174 Statistical inference for the evolutionary history of cancer genomes Dinh Khanh N, Jaksik Roman, Kimmel Marek, Lambert Amaury, Tavare Simon
2020 hal-02987903 Biochemical and mathematical lessons from the evolution of the SARS- CoV-2 virus: paths for novel antiviral warfare Cluzel Nicolas, Lambert Amaury, Maday Yvon, Turinici Gabriel, Danchin Antoine
2020 hal-02987609 Constructing discrete harmonic functions in wedges Hoang Viet Hung, Raschel Kilian, Tarrago Pierre
2020 hal-02985714 Biochemical and mathematical lessons from the evolution of the SARS- CoV-2 virus: paths for novel antiviral warfare Cluzel Nicolas, Lambert Amaury, Maday Yvon, Turinici Gabriel, Danchin Antoine
2020 hal-02985474 Minimum divergence estimators, Maximum Likelihood and the generalized bootstrap Broniatowski Michel
2020 hal-02976420 AMF: Aggregated Mondrian Forests for Online Learning Mourtada Jaouad, Gaïffas Stéphane, Scornet Erwan
2020 hal-02976361 An improper estimator with optimal excess risk in misspecified density estimation and logistic regression Mourtada Jaouad, Gaïffas Stéphane
2020 hal-02976286 Minimax optimal rates for Mondrian trees and forests Mourtada Jaouad, Gaïffas Stéphane, Scornet Erwan
2020 hal-02970480 Equilibrium price in intraday electricity markets Aïd René, Cosso Andrea, Pham Huyên
2020 hal-02959494 Conditional Monte Carlo Learning for Diffusions II: extended methodology and application to risk measures and early stopping problems Abbas-Turki Lokman, Pagès G., Diallo Babacar
2020 hal-02959492 Conditional Monte Carlo Learning for Diffusions I: main methodology and application to backward stochastic differential equations Abbas-Turki Lokman, Pagès G., Diallo Babacar
2020 hal-02948000 Area anomaly in the rough path Brownian scaling limit of hidden Markov walks Lopusanschi Olga, Simon Damien
2020 hal-02947837 The impact of churn on client value in health insurance, evaluation using a random forest under various censoring mechanisms Gerber Guillaume, Faou Yohann Le, Lopez Olivier, Trupin Michael
2020 hal-02945516 Additive, almost additive and asymptotically additive potential sequences are equivalent Cuneo Noé
2020 hal-02941289 Mean-variance portfolio selection with tracking error penalization Lefebvre Willliam, Loeper Gregoire, Pham Huyên
2020 hal-02928250 Prospective modelling of Long-Term Care biometric assumptions with multiple portfolios Biessy Guillaume
2020 hal-02928244 Separation of recto-verso documents using copula based dependent source separation Keziou Amor, Mamouni Nezha, Fenniri Hassan
2020 hal-02923033 Modelling COVID-19 contagion: risk assessment and targeted mitigation policies Cont Rama, Kotlicki Artur, Xu Renyuan
2020 hal-02921281 On the Hill relation and the mean reaction time for metastable processes Baudel Manon, Guyader Arnaud, Lelièvre Tony
2020 hal-02911078 Stochastic Control: from Gradient Methods and Dynamic Programming to Statistical Learning Pagès Gilles, Pironneau Olivier
2020 hal-02908609 Elliptic dimers on minimal graphs and genus 1 Harnack curves Boutillier Cédric, Cimasoni David, de Tilière Béatrice
2020 hal-02905181 Locality in time of the European insurance regulation "risk-neutral" valuation framework, a pre-and post-Covid analysis and further developments Borel-Mathurin Fabrice, El Karoui Nicole, Loisel Stéphane, Vedani Julien
2020 hal-02901476 Bayesian hierarchical models for the prediction of the driver flow and passenger waiting times in a stochastic carpooling service Papoutsis Panayotis, Michel Bertrand, Philippe Anne, Duong Tarn
2020 hal-02890880 Sojourn time dimensions of fractional Brownian motion Nourdin Ivan, Peccati Giovanni, Seuret Stéphane
2020 hal-02877315 Dynamics of interacting particle systems Blondel Oriane, Deshayes Aurelia, Labbé Cyril, Marêché Laure, Simon Marielle
2020 hal-02876141 An efficient Averaged Stochastic Gauss-Newton algorithm for estimating parameters of non linear regressions models Cénac Peggy, Godichon-Baggioni Antoine, Portier Bruno
2020 hal-02870131 Weakly interacting oscillators on dense random graphs Bet Gianmarco, Coppini Fabio, Nardi Francesca
2020 hal-02869702 Linear functional regression with truncated signatures Fermanian Adeline
2020 hal-02868916 A Generalised Signature Method for Time Series Morrill James, Fermanian Adeline, Kidger Patrick, Lyons Terry J.
2020 hal-02860464 Coagulation-transport equations and the nested coalescents Lambert Amaury, Schertzer Emmanuel
2020 hal-02735273 Sparse and low-rank multivariate Hawkes processes Bacry Emmanuel, Bompaire Martin, Gaïffas Stéphane, Muzy Jean-François
2020 hal-02637958 Combination of a Wood-Pellet Boiler-Stove with other Conventional and Renewable Heating System for Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water within A Passive House in Belgium Lê van Long, Candaele Arnaud, Siau Kévin, Thomassin Jean-Dominique, Duquesne Thomas, Fontaine de Ghélin Olivier
2020 hal-02617527 Long-term consequences of one anastomosis gastric bypass on esogastric mucosa in a preclinical rat model Siebert Matthieu, Ribeiro-Parenti Lara, Nguyen Nicholas, Hourseau Muriel, Duchêne Belinda, Humbert Lydie, Jonckheere Nicolas, Nuel Grégory, Chevallier Jean-Marc, Duboc Henri, Rainteau Dominique, Msika Simon, Kapel Nathalie, Couvelard Anne, Bado André A., Le Gall Maude
2020 hal-02616126 A digital twin-based approach for the management of geometrical deviations during assembly processes Grégorio Jean-Loup, Lartigue Claire, Thiébaut François, Lebrun Régis
2020 hal-02615379 Constraint-Based Learning for Non-Parametric Continuous Bayesian Networks Lasserre Marvin, Lebrun Régis, Wuillemin Pierre-Henri
2020 hal-02612935 Path decompositions of perturbed reflecting Brownian motions Aïdékon Elie, Hu Yueyun, Shi Zhan
2020 hal-02586204 SMOOTH MIN-DIVERGENCE INFERENCE IN SEMI PARAMETRIC MODELS Broniatowski Michel, Moutsouka Justin Steward
2020 hal-02570584 Automatic analysis of insurance reports through deep neural networks to identify severe claims Cohen Sabban Isaac, Lopez Olivier, Mercuzot Yann
2020 hal-02569417 A Law of Large Numbers for interacting diffusions via a mild formulation Bechtold Florian, Coppini Fabio
2020 hal-02564462 Propagation of cyber incidents in an insurance portfolio: counting processes combined with compartmental epidemiological models Hillairet Caroline, Lopez Olivier
2020 hal-02558245 Individual reserving and nonparametric estimation of claim amounts subject to large reporting delays Lopez Olivier, Milhaud Xavier
2020 hal-02555717 On subexponential convergence to equilibrium of Markov processes Bernou Armand
2020 hal-02552537 A methodology for the mix design of earth bedding mortar Duriez Maïa, Vieux-Champagne Florent, Trad Rim, Maillard Pascal, Aubert Jean-Emmanuel
2020 hal-02546901 Space-time Euler discretization schemes for the stochastic 2D Navier-Stokes equations Bessaih Hakima, Millet Annie
2020 hal-02540711 Sampling Rates for l1-Synthesis März Maximilian, Boyer Claire, Kahn Jonas, Weiss Pierre
2020 hal-02537123 Discussion on "Graphical models for extremes" by Sebastian Engelke and Adrien Hitz Meyer Nicolas, Wintenberger Olivier
2020 hal-02529446 New approach to greedy vector quantization El Nmeir Rancy, Luschgy Harald, Pagès Gilles
2020 hal-02529395 A sequential design for extreme quantiles estimation under binary sampling Broniatowski Michel, Miranda Emilie
2020 hal-02506409 Flexible and Context-Specific AI Explainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach Beaudouin Valérie, Bloch Isabelle, Bounie David, Clémençon Stéphan, d'Alché-Buc Florence, Eagan James R, Maxwell Winston, Mozharovskyi Pavlo, Parekh Jayneel
2020 hal-02500007 Computer-Assisted Proof of Loss of Ergodicity by Symmetry Breaking in Expanding Coupled Maps Fernandez Bastien
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2018 hal-01912694 Isokinetic solutions of the Navier-Stokes equation. Cirier Guy
2018 hal-01905679 Branching processes seen from their extinction time via path decompositions of reflected Lévy processes Dávila Felipe Miraine, Lambert Amaury
2018 hal-01905034 Existence of the anchored isoperimetric profile in supercritical bond percolation in dimension two and higher Dembin Barbara
2018 hal-01897021 Invasion probabilities, hitting times, and some fluctuation theory for the stochastic logistic process Parsons Todd
2018 hal-01890698 A Linear Algorithm For Computing Polynomial Dynamical Systems Abdeljaoued-Tej Ines, Benkahla Alia, Haddad Ghassen, Valibouze Annick
2018 hal-01886196 A nonparametric conditional copula model for successive duration times, with application to insurance subscription Le Faou Yohann, Lopez Olivier
2018 hal-01879947 The variation of invariant graphs in forced systems Fernandez Bastien, Quas Anthony
2018 hal-01876066 Points of infinite multiplicity of planar Brownian motion: measures and local times Aïdékon Elie, Hu Yueyun, Shi Zhan
2018 hal-01874820 Hydrodynamic limit for conservative spin systems with super-quadratic, partially inhomogeneous single-site potential Fathi Max, Menz Georg
2018 hal-01872753 Universality and Sharpness in Absorbing-State Phase Transitions Rolla Leonardo T, Sidoravicius Vladas, Zindy Olivier
2018 hal-01863616 A general weak and strong error analysis of the recursive quantization with an application to jump diffusions Pagès Gilles, Sagna Abass
2018 hal-01855417 On spike and slab empirical Bayes multiple testing Castillo Ismael, Roquain Etienne
2018 hal-01853459 Spline Regression with Automatic Knot Selection Goepp Vivien, Bouaziz Olivier, Nuel Grégory
2018 hal-01850398 Chromosome Painting Lambert Amaury, Pina Verónica Miró, Schertzer Emmanuel
2018 hal-01849549 Regular expansion for the characteristic exponent of a product of 2 × 2 random matrices Havret Benjamin
2018 hal-01848021 On path partitions of the divisor graph Melotti Paul, Saias Eric
2018 hal-01846029 Robust semi-parametric multiple change-point detection Bardet Jean-Marc, Dion Charlotte
2018 hal-01842036 Trees within trees II: Nested Fragmentations Duchamps Jean-Jil
2018 hal-01837909 Brownian Polymers in Poissonian Environment: a survey Comets Francis, Cosco Clément
2018 hal-01837908 Fluctuation and Rate of Convergence for the Stochastic Heat Equation in Weak Disorder Comets Francis, Cosco Clément, Mukherjee Chiranjib
2018 hal-01832976 Performance of epistasis detection methods in semi-simulated GWAS Chatelain Clément, Durand Guillermo, Thuillier Vincent, Augé Franck
2018 hal-01831419 The maximal flow from a compact convex subset to infinity in first passage percolation on Z^d Dembin Barbara
2018 hal-01820593 On the support of solutions of stochastic differential equations with path-dependent coefficients Cont Rama, Kalinin Alexander
2018 hal-01818930 On pathwise quadratic variation for càdlàg functions Chiu Henry, Cont Rama
2018 hal-01817386 Weak error for nested Multilevel Monte Carlo Giorgi Daphné, Lemaire Vincent, Pagès Gilles
2018 hal-01811947 On oracle-type local recovery guarantees in compressed sensing Adcock Ben, Boyer Claire, Brugiapaglia Simone
2018 hal-01807623 The impact of churn on client value in health insurance, evaluation using a random forest under random censoring Gerber Guillaume, Le Faou Yohann, Lopez Olivier, Trupin Michael
2018 hal-01802878 Cost-effectiveness analysis of chlorhexidine-alcohol versus povidone iodine-alcohol solution in the prevention of intravascular-catheter-related bloodstream infections in France Farinetto Christian, Maunoury Franck, Ruckly Stephane, Guenezan Jeremy, Lucet Jean-Christophe, Lepape Alain, Pascal Julien, Souweine Bertrand, Mimoz Olivier, Timsit Jean-François, Puebla Iratxe
2018 hal-01800203 Infinite-Task Learning with Vector-Valued RKHSs Brault Romain, Lambert Alex, Szabo Zoltan, Sangnier Maxime, d'Alché-Buc Florence
2018 hal-01799335 BSDEs with default jump Dumitrescu Roxana, Grigorova Miryana, Quenez Marie-Claire, Sulem Agnès
2018 hal-01798400 HIGH-DIMENSIONAL ROBUST REGRESSION AND OUTLIERS DETECTION WITH SLOPE Virouleau Alain, Guilloux Agathe, Gaïffas Stéphane, Bogdan Malgorzata
2018 hal-01798390 High-dimensional time-varying Aalen and Cox models Alaya Mokhtar Z., Lemler Sarah, Guilloux Agathe, Allart Thibault
2018 hal-01798201 Efficient online algorithms for fast-rate regret bounds under sparsity Gaillard Pierre, Wintenberger Olivier
2018 hal-01795308 Non-parametric Estimation of Survival in Age-Dependent Genetic Disease and Application to the Transthyretin-related Hereditary Amyloidosis Alarcon Flora, Nuel Grégory, Plante-Bordeneuve Violaine
2018 hal-01793658 Hypocoercive estimates on foliations and velocity spherical Brownian motion Tardif Camille, Baudoin Fabrice
2018 hal-01791026 Predicting risk with risk measures : an empirical study Bräutigam Marcel, Dacorogna Michel, Kratz Marie
2018 hal-01790073 Supplement to ``Weighted Multilevel Langevin Simulation of Invariant Measures Pagès Gilles, Panloup Fabien
2018 hal-01779484 Detecting and modeling worst-case dependence structures between random inputs of computational reliability models Benoumechiara Nazih, Michel Bertrand, Saint-Pierre Philippe, Bousquet Nicolas
2018 hal-01774819 Two-dimensional Brownian random interlacement Comets Francis, Popov Serguei
2018 hal-01766553 Résolution réelle de systèmes polynomiaux flous Aubry Philippe, Marrez Jérémy, Valibouze Annick
2018 hal-01754054 Universal features of price formation in financial markets: perspectives from Deep Learning Sirignano Justin, Cont Rama
2018 hal-01745901 Inextricable complexity of two centuries of demographic changes: A fascinating modeling challenge El Karoui Nicole, Hajji Kaouther, Kaakai Sarah
2018 hal-01736890 Zero-sum stochastic differential games of generalized McKean-Vlasov type * Pham Huyen, Cosso Andrea
2018 hal-01726449 Aggregation using input-output trade-off Fischer Aurélie, Mougeot Mathilde
2018 hal-01725123 Trees within trees: Simple nested coalescents Blancas Airam, Duchamps Jean-Jil, Lambert Amaury, Siri-Jégousse Arno
2018 hal-01723859 A new approach to computing the asymptotics of the position of Fisher-KPP fronts Berestycki Julien, Brunet Éric, Derrida Bernard
2018 hal-01723857 Exact solution and precise asymptotics of a Fisher–KPP type front Berestycki Julien, Brunet Éric, Derrida Bernard
2018 hal-01723710 Singular behavior of Lyapunov exponents and the weak disorder limit in statistical mechanics Giacomin Giambattista, Comets Francis, Greenblatt Rafael L.
2018 hal-01723685 Disorder and wetting transition: The pinned harmonic crystal in dimension three or larger Giacomin Giambattista, Lacoin Hubert
2018 hal-01721917 Regularity of the time constant for a supercritical Bernoulli percolation Dembin Barbara
2018 hal-01721441 Construction of an aggregate consistent utility, without Pareto optimality. Application to Long-Term yield curve Modeling El Karoui Nicole, Hillairet Caroline, Mrad Mohamed
2018 hal-01721189 Equivalence of some subcritical properties in continuum percolation Gouéré Jean-Baptiste, Théret Marie
2018 hal-01718998 Statistics of zero crossings in rough interfaces with fractional elasticity Zamorategui Arturo L., Kolton Alejandro B., Lecomte Vivien
2018 hal-01718751 A Class of Finite-Dimensional Numerically Solvable McKean-Vlasov Control Problems Balata Alessandro, Huré Côme, Laurière Mathieu, Pham Huyên, Pimentel Isaque
2018 hal-01718121 Interacting partially directed self-avoiding walk: a probabilistic perspective Carmona Philippe, Nguyen Gia Bao, Pétrélis Nicolas, Niccolo Torri
2018 hal-01716814 Solutions of the Navier- Stokes equation in a bounded domain Cirier Guy
2018 hal-01714747 XVA Principles, Nested Monte Carlo Strategies, and GPU Optimizations Abbas-Turki Lokman A., Crépey Stéphane, Diallo Babacar
2018 hal-01713905 Growth and agglomeration in the heterogeneous space: A generalized AK approach Boucekkine Raouf, Fabbri Giorgio, Federico Salvatore, Gozzi Fausto
2018 hal-01712690 Convergence rates for smooth k-means change-point detection Fischer Aurélie, Picard Dominique
2018 hal-01706935 A censored copula model for micro-level claim reserving Lopez Olivier
2018 hal-01701605 Is Placental Malaria a Long-term Risk Factor for Mild Malaria Attack in Infancy? Revisiting a Paradigm Bouaziz Olivier, Courtin David, Cottrell Gilles, Milet Jacqueline, Nuel Grégory, Garcia André
2018 hal-01696417 PHASE TRANSITION FOR A NON-ATTRACTIVE INFECTION PROCESS IN HETEROGENEOUS ENVIRONMENT Gottschau Marinus, Heydenreich Markus, Matzke Kilian, Toninelli Cristina
2018 hal-01694542 The k-PDTM : a coreset for robust geometric inference Brécheteau Claire, Levrard Clément
2018 hal-01688502 Resistance growth of branching random networks Chen Dayue, Hu Yueyun, Lin Shen
2018 hal-01667014 Quantization/clustering: when and why does k-means work? Levrard Clément
2018 hal-01659845 Disorder and critical phenomena: the $\alpha=0$ copolymer model Berger Quentin, Giacomin Giambattista, Lacoin Hubert
2018 hal-01648491 A Weak Martingale Approach to Linear-Quadratic McKean-Vlasov Stochastic Control Problems Basei Matteo, Pham Huyên
2018 hal-01614741 American Options in an Imperfect Complete Market with Default Dumitrescu Roxana, Quenez Marie-Claire, Sulem Agnès
2018 hal-01608945 Hopf-algebraic deformations of products and Wick polynomials Ebrahimi-Fard Kurusch, Patras Frédéric, Tapia Nikolas, Zambotti Lorenzo
2018 hal-01598914 ESTIMATING GRAPH PARAMETERS WITH RANDOM WALKS Ben-Hamou Anna, Oliveira Roberto I, Peres Yuval
2018 hal-01595875 Geodesics toward corners in first passage percolation Alexander Kenneth S, Berger Quentin
2018 hal-01576410 Annealed scaling for a charged polymer in dimensions two and higher Berger Quentin, den Hollander Frank, Poisat Julien
2018 hal-01576409 Notes on Random Walks in the Cauchy Domain of Attraction Berger Quentin
2018 hal-01568243 Existence and continuity of the flow constant in first passage percolation Rossignol Raphaël, Théret Marie
2018 hal-01546288 Dynamics of a planar Coulomb gas Bolley François, Chafaï Djalil, Fontbona Joaquin
2018 hal-01533404 The split-and-drift random graph, a null model for speciation Bienvenu François, Débarre Florence, Lambert Amaury
2018 hal-01511318 DNA melting structures in the generalized Poland-Scheraga model Berger Quentin, Giacomin Giambattista, Khatib Maha
2018 hal-01502048 On stochastic modified 3D Navier-Stokes equations with anisotropic viscosity Bessaih Hakima, Millet Annie
2018 hal-01497914 Doubly Reflected BSDEs and ${\cal E}^{f}$-Dynkin games: beyond the right-continuous case Grigorova Miryana, Imkeller Peter, Ouknine Youssef, Quenez Marie-Claire
2018 hal-01484800 How does geographical distance translate into genetic distance? Miró Pina Verónica, Schertzer Emmanuel
2018 hal-01403616 Optimal stopping with f -expectations: the irregular case Grigorova Miryana, Imkeller Peter, Ouknine Youssef, Quenez Marie-Claire
2018 hal-01389938 Algebraic renormalisation of regularity structures Bruned M, Hairer M, Zambotti L.
2018 hal-01362825 Pinning of a renewal on a quenched renewal Alexander Kenneth S., Berger Quentin
2018 hal-01340798 Weighted Multilevel Langevin Simulation of Invariant Measures Pagès Gilles, Panloup Fabien
2018 hal-01320492 Minimal time spiking in various ChR2-controlled neuron models Renault Vincent, Thieullen Michèle, Trélat Emmanuel
2018 hal-01245867 A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks Matias Catherine, Rebafka Tabea, Villers Fanny
2018 hal-01245479 Stability and Minimax Optimality of Tangential Delaunay Complexes for Manifold Reconstruction Aamari Eddie, Levrard Clément
2018 hal-01220776 Equivalence between dimensional contractions in Wasserstein distance and the curvature-dimension condition Bolley François, Gentil Ivan, Guillin Arnaud, Kuwada Kazumasa
2018 hal-01187523 Random walk on sparse random digraphs Bordenave Charles, Caputo Pietro, Salez Justin
2018 hal-01171361 Dimensional improvements of the logarithmic Sobolev, Talagrand and Brascamp-Lieb inequalities Bolley François, Gentil Ivan, Guillin Arnaud
2018 hal-01024673 Online Asynchronous Distributed Regression Biau Gérard, Zenine Ryad
2018 hal-01023784 Perfect sampling algorithm for Schur processes Betea Dan, Boutillier Cédric, Bouttier Jérémie, Chapuy Guillaume, Corteel Sylvie, Vuletić Mirjana
2018 hal-00910902 Nonlinear Randomized Urn Models: a Stochastic Approximation Viewpoint Laruelle Sophie, Pagès Gilles
2018 hal-00788901 Poisson ensembles of loops of one-dimensional diffusions Lupu Titus
2018 hal-00483257 Algebraic certification of numerical algorithms computing Lagrange resolvents Abdeljaoued-Tej Ines, Bouazizi Faiçal, Valibouze Annick
2017 tel-01897474 Nouveaux paradigmes en dynamique de populations hétérogènes : modélisation trajectorielle, agrégation, et données empiriques Kaakai Sarah
2017 tel-01821874 Quelques algorithmes rapides pour la finance quantitative Sall Guillaume
2017 tel-01761447 Branching processes and Erdős-Rényi graph Corre Pierre-Antoine
2017 tel-01759395 Non-anticipative functional calculus and applications to stochastic processes Lu Yi
2017 tel-01662176 Approche analytique pour le mouvement brownien réfléchi dans des cônes Franceschi Sandro
2017 tel-01632410 Lyapunov exponents of ergodic Schrödinger operators Metzger Florian
2017 tel-01597066 Limit theorems for Multilevel estimators with and without weights. Comparisons and applications Giorgi Daphné
2017 tel-01562667 Contribution to the study of the homogeneous Boltzmann equation Xu Liping
2017 medihal-01764459 Francois Ledrappier - Dimension de Hausdorff du graphe des fonctions de Weierstraß Ledrappier Francois, Orlandi Antoine, Bastien Fanny
2017 medihal-01716168 R. Dujardin - Some problems of arithmetic origin in complex dynamics and geometry (part3) Dujardin Romain, Magnien Jérémy
2017 medihal-01716162 R. Dujardin - Some problems of arithmetic origin in complex dynamics and geometry (part2) Dujardin Romain, Magnien Jérémy
2017 medihal-01716153 R. Dujardin - Some problems of arithmetic origin in complex dynamics and geometry (part1) Dujardin Romain, Magnien Jérémy
2017 halshs-02157475 Mean-Reverting Lévy Jump Dynamics in the European Power Sector Chevallier Julien, Goutte Stéphane
2017 halshs-01656434 Jumps and volatility dynamics in agricultural commodity spot prices Boroumand Raphael Homayoun, Goutte Stéphane, Porcher Simon, Porcher Thomas
2017 halshs-01467736 Stochastic Evolution of Distributions - Applications to CDS indices Bernis Guillaume, Brunel Nicolas, Kornprobst Antoine, Scotti Simone
2017 hal-03196121 Robust PCA and pairs of projections in a Hilbert space Giulini Ilaria
2017 hal-03180534 On the Kozachenko–Leonenko entropy estimator Delattre Sylvain, Fournier Nicolas
2017 hal-03179784 Finite-size corrections to the speed of a branching-selection process Comets Francis, Cortines Aser
2017 hal-03179781 The vacant set of two-dimensional critical random interlacement is infinite Comets Francis, Popov Serguei
2017 hal-03179774 Directed Polymers in Random Environments Comets Francis
2017 hal-02879356 Regime-switching stochastic volatility model: estimation and calibration to VIX options Goutte Stéphane, Ismail Amine, Pham Huyen
2017 hal-02411725 O-GlcNAcylation of STAT5 controls tyrosine phosphorylation and oncogenic transcription in STAT5-dependent malignancies Freund P, Kerenyi M, Hager M, Wagner T., Wingelhofer B, Pham H., Elabd M, Han X., Valent P, Gouilleux F., Sexl V, Krämer O, Groner B, Moriggl R
2017 hal-02409098 Concentration for matrix martingales in continuous time and microscopic activity of social networks Bacry Emmanuel, Muzy J.-F., Gaïffas Stéphane
2017 hal-02408343 Random-walk in Beta-distributed random environment Barraquand Guillaume, Corwin Ivan
2017 hal-02356502 Multi-scale modeling of Earth's gravity field in space and time Wang Shuo, Panet Isabelle, Ramillien Guillaume, Guilloux Frédéric
2017 hal-02145820 Risk minimisation: the failure of electricity intra-day forward contracts Boroumand Raphael Homayoun, Goutte Stéphane, Porcher Simon, Porcher Thomas
2017 hal-02141549 Slower deviations of the branching Brownian motion and of branching random walks Derrida Bernard, Shi Zhan
2017 hal-02060534 Pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance measurements (PFG NMR) for diffusion ordered spectroscopy (DOSY) mapping Pagès G., Gilard Véronique, Martino Robert, Malet-Martino Myriam
2017 hal-02008792 Minimax optimality in robust detection of a disorder time in doubly-stochastic Poisson processes El Karoui Nicole, Loisel Stéphane, Salhi Yahia
2017 hal-01995781 Le risque de longévité est-il assurable ? El Karoui Nicole, Loisel Stéphane
2017 hal-01979830 The IL-4 rs2070874 polymorphism may be associated with the severity of recurrent viral-induced wheeze Amat Flore, Louha Malek, Benet Marta, Guiddir Tamazoust, Bourgoin-Heck Mélisande, Saint-Pierre Philippe, Paluel-Marmont Colombe, Fontaine Cécile, Lambert Nathalie, Couderc Rémy, Gonzalez Juan-Ramon, Just Jocelyne
2017 hal-01935918 Correlation and variable importance in random forests Gregorutti Baptiste, Michel Bertrand, Saint-Pierre Philippe
2017 hal-01868155 Editorial: Second Issue on Mean Field Games Bensoussan Alain, Delarue François
2017 hal-01868150 Mean Field Games of Timing and Models for Bank Runs Carmona René, Delarue François, Lacker Daniel
2017 hal-01759858 On the central management of risk networks Avram Florin, Minca A.
2017 hal-01738703 The generalized master fields Cébron Guillaume, Dahlqvist Antoine, Gabriel Franck
2017 hal-01725285 Random Obstacle Problems Zambotti Lorenzo
2017 hal-01721563 Dynamical Symmetry Breaking and Phase Transitions in Driven Diffusive Systems Baek Yongjoo, Kafri Yariv, Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01720325 Finite-Size Scaling of a First-Order Dynamical Phase Transition: Adaptive Population Dynamics and an Effective Model Nemoto Takahiro, Jack Robert, Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01705859 Rate of convergence for polymers in a weak disorder Comets Francis, Liu Quansheng
2017 hal-01696428 MIXING LENGTH SCALES OF LOW TEMPERATURE SPIN PLAQUETTES MODELS Chleboun P, Faggionato A, Martinelli F., Toninelli C.
2017 hal-01692425 Assistance for home care of the elderly with sensor solutions. Oger Julie, Mougeot Mathilde, Besseau Stéphane
2017 hal-01666957 Computing real solutions of polynomial fuzzy systems Aubry Philippe, Marrez Jérémy, Valibouze Annick
2017 hal-01666312 Stationary analysis of the shortest queue problem Dester Plinio S., Fricker Christine, Tibi Danielle
2017 hal-01665936 Gaussian processes for computer experiments Bachoc François, Contal Emile, Maatouk Hassan, Rullière Didier
2017 hal-01657827 Efficient sequential experimental design for surrogate modeling of nested codes Marque-Pucheu Sophie, Perrin Guillaume, Garnier Josselin
2017 hal-01649325 Positive association of the oriented percolation cluster in randomly oriented graphs Bienvenu François
2017 hal-01649085 Assessing model-based clustering methods with cytometry data sets Baudry Jean-Patrick, Celeux Gilles
2017 hal-01648389 C-mix: a high dimensional mixture model for censored durations, with applications to genetic data Bussy Simon, Guilloux Agathe, Gaïffas Stéphane, Jannot Anne-Sophie
2017 hal-01619057 The beginnings of the soviet encyclopedia: Utopia and misery of mathematics in the political turmoils of the 1920s. Mazliak Laurent
2017 hal-01617472 Linking Statistical and Ecological Theory: Hubbell's Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity as a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Harris Keith, Parsons Todd L., Ijaz Umer Z., Lahti Leo, Holmes Ian, Quince Christopher
2017 hal-01617450 Dimension reduction for stochastic dynamical systems forced onto a manifold by large drift: a constructive approach with examples from theoretical biology Parsons Todd, Rogers Tim
2017 hal-01614920 Probabilistic forecasting of the wind energy resource at the monthly to seasonal scale Alonzo Bastien, Drobinski Philippe, Plougonven Riwal, Tankov Peter
2017 hal-01614758 Game Options in an Imperfect Market with Default Dumitrescu Roxana, Quenez Marie-Claire, Sulem Agnès
2017 hal-01613050 Forecasting Mortality Rate Improvements with a High-Dimensional VAR Guibert Quentin, Lopez Olivier, Piette Pierrick
2017 hal-01611560 Influence of microstructural parameters on the mechanical properties of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-14Cr steels Dadé M., Malaplate J., Garnier J., de Geuser Frédéric, Barcelo F., Wident P., Deschamps A.
2017 hal-01598915 CUTOFF FOR A STRATIFIED RANDOM WALK ON THE HYPERCUBE Ben-Hamou Anna, Peres Yuval
2017 hal-01598912 COMPARING MIXING TIMES ON SPARSE RANDOM GRAPHS Ben-Hamou Anna, Lubetzky Eyal, Peres Yuval
2017 hal-01593459 Data sparse nonparametric regression with epsilon-insensitive losses Sangnier Maxime, Fercoq Olivier, d'Alché-Buc Florence
2017 hal-01586794 Area anomaly and generalized drift of iterated sums for hidden Markov walks Lopusanschi Olga, Simon Damien
2017 hal-01574094 Monte-Carlo acceleration: importance sampling and hybrid dynamic systems Chraïbi Hassane, Dutfoy Anne, Galtier Thomas Antoine, Garnier Josselin
2017 hal-01574018 The free-fermionic $C^{(1)}_2$ loop model, double dimers and Kashaev's recurrence Melotti Paul
2017 hal-01566968 Calibration and prediction of two nested computer codes Marque-Pucheu Sophie, Perrin Guillaume, Garnier Josselin
2017 hal-01562655 Nested polynomial trends for the improvement of Gaussian process-based predictors Perrin Guillaume, Soize Christian, Marque-Pucheu Sophie, Garnier Josselin
2017 hal-01562618 Optimization by gradient boosting Biau Gérard, Cadre Benoît
2017 hal-01561548 Random polymers on the complete graph Comets Francis, Moreno Gregorio, Ramirez Alejandro F.
2017 hal-01560832 Computing Individual Risks based on Family History in Genetic Disease in the Presence of Competing Risks Nuel Grégory, Lefebvre Alexandra, Bouaziz Olivier
2017 hal-01557744 Harmonic measure for biased random walk in a supercritical Galton-Watson tree Lin Shen
2017 hal-01555892 On principal curves with a length constraint Delattre Sylvain, Fischer Aurélie
2017 hal-01555188 Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation with short-range correlated noise: Emergent symmetries and nonuniversal observables Mathey Steven, Agoritsas Elisabeth, Kloss Thomas, Lecomte Vivien, Canet Léonie
2017 hal-01552992 Accuracy of predictive ability measures for survival models Flandre Philippe, Deutsch Reena, O'Quigley John
2017 hal-01541185 Improving the Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure for Discrete Tests Döhler Sebastian, Durand Guillermo, Roquain Etienne
2017 hal-01539752 Refine penetrance estimates in the main pathogenic variants of transthyretin hereditary (familial) amyloid polyneuropathy (TTR-FAP) using a new non-parametric approach (NPSE) Gorram Farida, Alarcon Flora, Perdry Hervé, Hébrard Bérénice, Damy Thibaud, Fanen Pascale, Funalot Benoît, Nuel Gregory, Planté-Bordeneuve Violaine
2017 hal-01519983 The free energy in the Derrida--Retaux recursive model Hu Yueyun, Shi Zhan
2017 hal-01517165 The coordination of centralised and distributed generation Aïd René, Basei Matteo, Pham Huyên
2017 hal-01508497 Rules of calculus in the path integral representation of white noise Langevin equations Cugliandolo Leticia F., Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01507054 Bismut-Elworthy-Li formulae for Bessel processes Elad Altman Henri
2017 hal-01504607 Identification of marginal causal relationships in gene networks from observational and interventional expression data Monneret Gilles, Jaffrezic Florence, Rau Andrea, Zerjal Tatiana, Nuel Grégory
2017 hal-01499659 The near-critical Gibbs measure of the branching random walk Pain Michel
2017 hal-01494187 Fixed effects selection in the linear mixed-effects model using adaptive ridge procedure for L0 penalty performance Adjakossa Eric, Nuel Grégory
2017 hal-01494186 Profiled deviance for the multivariate linear mixed-effects model fitting Adjakossa Eric, Nuel Grégory
2017 hal-01490985 Finite-time and finite-size scalings in the evaluation of large deviation functions: Analytical study using a birth-death process Nemoto Takahiro, Guevara Hidalgo Esteban, Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01490894 HEAVY TAILS FOR AN ALTERNATIVE STOCHASTIC PERPETUITY MODEL Mikosch Thomas, Rezapour Mohsen, Wintenberger Olivier
2017 hal-01466831 Mutations on a Random Binary Tree with Measured Boundary Duchamps Jean-Jil, Lambert Amaury
2017 hal-01458419 Consistent Utility of Investment and Consumption : a forward/backward SPDE viewpoint * El Karoui Nicole, Hillairet Caroline, Mrad Mohamed
2017 hal-01443468 Exact simulation of the jump times of a class of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes Lemaire Vincent, Thieullen Michèle, Thomas Nicolas
2017 hal-01436267 On the tail behavior of a class of multivariate conditionally heteroskedastic processes Pedersen Rasmus Søndergaard, Wintenberger Olivier
2017 hal-01431520 Perturbations by random matrices Benaych-Georges Florent, Enriquez Nathanaël, Michaïl Alkéos
2017 hal-01426652 Revealing the hidden structure of dynamic ecological networks Miele Vincent, Matias Catherine
2017 hal-01412024 Approximation of Markov semigroups in total variation distance under an irregular setting: An application to the CIR process Rey Clément
2017 hal-01398292 Limit theorems for weighted and regular Multilevel estimators Giorgi Daphné, Lemaire Vincent, Pagès Gilles
2017 hal-01393137 Optimal Real-Time Bidding Strategies Fernandez Tapia Joaquin, Guéant Olivier, Lasry Jean-Michel
2017 hal-01385585 Robust Markowitz mean-variance portfolio selection under ambiguous covariance matrix * Ismail Amine, Pham Huyên
2017 hal-01383426 Positivity of the time constant in a continuous model of first passage percolation Gouéré Jean-Baptiste, Théret Marie
2017 hal-01377694 Power countings versus physical scalings in disordered elastic systems – Case study of the one-dimensional interface Agoritsas Elisabeth, Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01376983 Non density of stability for holomorphic mappings on P^k Dujardin Romain
2017 hal-01376808 Sparse Accelerated Exponential Weights Gaillard Pierre, Wintenberger Olivier
2017 hal-01366489 L0 regularisation for the estimation of piecewise constant hazard rates in survival analysis Bouaziz Olivier, Nuel Grégory
2017 hal-01350894 Finite-Time and -Size Scalings in the Evaluation of Large Deviation Functions Part II: Numerical Approach in Continuous Time Guevara Hidalgo Esteban, Nemoto Takahiro, Lecomte Vivien
2017 hal-01332542 A time warping approach to multiple sequence alignment Arribas-Gil Ana, Matias Catherine
2017 hal-01322468 A N-branching random walk with random selection Cortines Aser, Mallein Bastien
2017 hal-01322463 Brownian motion and Random Walk above Quenched Random Wall Mallein Bastien, Miłoś Piotr
2017 hal-01322452 N -Branching random walk with α-stable spine Mallein Bastien
2017 hal-01322449 Branching random walk with selection at critical rate Mallein Bastien
2017 hal-01320498 Optimal control of infinite-dimensional piecewise deterministic Markov processes and application to the control of neuronal dynamics via Optogenetics Renault Vincent, Thieullen Michèle, Trélat Emmanuel
2017 hal-01305929 Linear quadratic optimal control of conditional McKean-Vlasov equation with random coefficients and applications * Pham Huyên
2017 hal-01301862 Small noise and long time phase diffusion in stochastic limit cycle oscillators Giacomin Giambattista, Poquet Christophe, Shapira Assaf
2017 hal-01295562 Asymptotic expansion of stationary distribution for reflected Brownian motion in the quarter plane via analytic approach Franceschi Sandro, Kourkova Irina
2017 hal-01295549 Resolution of a large number of small random symmetric linear systems in single precision arithmetic on GPUs Abbas-Turki Lokman A., Graillat Stef
2017 hal-01287075 A Change-Point Model for Detecting Heterogeneity in Ordered Survival Responses Bouaziz Olivier, Nuel Grégory
2017 hal-01275397 Alpha-CIR Model with Branching Processes in Sovereign Interest Rate Modelling Jiao Ying, Ma Chunhua, Scotti Simone
2017 hal-01271870 Tutte's invariant approach for Brownian motion reflected in the quadrant Franceschi Sandro, Raschel Kilian
2017 hal-01248317 Bellman equation and viscosity solutions for mean-field stochastic control problem Pham Huyên, Wei Xiaoli
2017 hal-01242023 Market inconsistencies of the market-consistent European life insurance economic valuations: pitfalls and practical solutions El Karoui Nicole, Loisel Stéphane, Prigent Jean-Luc, Vedani Julien
2017 hal-01237346 Continuity of the time and isoperimetric constants in supercritical percolation Garet Olivier, Marchand Regine, Procaccia Eviatar B., Théret Marie
2017 hal-01234637 Vibrato and Automatic Differentiation for High Order Derivatives and Sensitivities of Financial Options Pagès Gilles, Pironneau Olivier, Sall Guillaume
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