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Marc Yor (1949-2014)

Marc Yor left in January 2014, and rests in the Saint-Chéron Cemetery.

Saint-Chéron is a small village near Paris, where Marc lived from 1985 until the end. The cemetery, near the church, is on the top of a hill, from where there is a wonderful view to the rest of the village and to the nearby valley.

Marc enjoyed the view from this part of the village; he also liked to come here listening to church bells. For many years, he was seen walking or jogging, accompanied by his old friend, Sally, a homeless Terre Neuve who elected Marc and his wife's house as her own. Many of the theorems I have learnt at Marc's class or from his papers and books owe their original inspiration to this refreshing, purifying area.


My research work lies mainly in probability theory and random processes. Early effort was concentrated on Brownian motion and related processes such as Bessel processes. More recently interest has been on random walks in random environment, and spatial processes with a branching structure (such as branching random walks and branching Brownian motion).

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