Marc Yor

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Marc Yor left in January 2014. He meets peace in the Saint-Chéron Cemetery.

Saint-Chéron is a small town near Paris, where Marc lived from 1985 until the end. The cemetery, close to the church, is on the top of a hill, from where there is a wonderful view to the rest of the town and to the nearby valley.

Marc Yor in Paris (May 2011)
Marc Yor

 b. 1949 Brétigny-sur-Orge
 d. 2014 Saint-Chéron
Photo (by Marc's family): Paris, May 2011

Marc enjoyed the view from this part of the town; he also liked to come here listening to church bells. For many years, he was seen walking or jogging in the area, accompanied by his old friend, Sally, a homeless Terre Neuve who elected Marc and his wife's house as her own. Many of the theorems I have learnt at Marc's class or from his papers and books owe their original inspiration to this refreshing, purifying area.

During the twenty-nine years in Saint-Chéron, Marc took every day a suburb train called RER C to Paris. His activity in the train was summarized in a haiku entitled "Musique du rail", written in 2011 by Marc himself:

       En train de banlieue,
       Ses yeux s'accrochent
       Sur quelques notes.

To get to Saint-Chéron from Paris: an RER C train every thirty minutes during the week and every hour in the week-end. It takes about an hour. Arriving at the Saint-Chéron RER station, one finds a flower shop[1] near the church, and can walk to the cemetery in ten minutes: it is good for health.

And good for spirit.

Marc Yor   (24 July 1949  -  9 January 2014)

Pictures of Marc's places :

                     The church                 Grass remembers                 RER C

[1] Closed on Sunday afternoon.

Landscapes on top and bottom of the page:
Saint-Chéron, views from Rue du Château de Baville
February 2014

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