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Marc Yor's publications

Revuz & Yor in three lines:

— three editions, 1991, 1994 and 1999

— 1618 citations altogether[2]

— 588 exercises[3] (in 3rd ed.)

How many exercises of R & Y did you try?

◇ none

◇ a few

◇ many

◇ all of them!!

Marc Yor published more than 400 papers, as well as over a dozen books. Here are a few facts:

— first research paper published in 1974

— first book in 1981, Saint-Flour IX lecture notes

— first coauthor: Pierre Priouret, in 1975

— number of coauthors (as of April 2014): 178

— favourite coauthor[1]: Jim Pitman

— favourite keyword: Brownian motion

A detailed list of Marc Yor's publications has been compiled by Jim Pitman at Berkeley, classified by years, authors and themes, with links to full text.

NEW IN 2017! Thanks to Monique Jeanblanc's dedicated effort, many of Marc Yor's manuscripts (there are 26 of them currently, and the number is increasing) can be found at Université d'Évry, as well as his PhD thesis, together with several texts he considered as his Testament scientifique.


Marc Yor's Testament scientifique I and Testament scientifique II, are being translated into English.

[1] Pál Erdös's definition of favourite coauthor: the person having cosigned the most papers.
[2] Mathematical Reviews, April 2014.
[3] Information by Paolo Baldi.

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