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Office: Tour 16/26, Bureau 131, 4 Place Jussieu, Paris Cedex 05, 75252, France 

Email: firstname.lastname AT upmc DOT fr

Homepage: http://www.lpma-paris.fr/~xu

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I’m now a Ph.D. candidate in LPMA, UPMC (Paris VI). My advisors are Prof. Nicolas Fournier  and Stephane Seuret.

My research interest is Probability Theory and Applications.  

In particular, it has close connection with Analysis and PDE, Statistical Physics, and Random Multi-fractal.  

My graduate work is mainly about Boltzmann equations and jump processes, 

to study the multi-fractal property, uniqueness of the weak solution, propagation of chaos, and also the equivalence between jumping SDE and nonlocal PDE. 

I’m also interested in SPDE and probabilistic functional inequalities.

You can find my CV in English here


Publications and Preprints

N. Fournier, L. Xu. On the equivalence between some jumping SDEs with rough coefficients and some non-local PDEs. Submitted. arXiv:1611.06341

L. Xu. Uniqueness and propagation of chaos for the Boltzmann equation with moderately soft potentials. Submitted. arXiv:1605.09220

L. Xu. The Multifractal Nature of Boltzmann Processes. Stochastic Process. Appl. 126 (2016), no. 8, 2181–2210. arXiv:1504.06725

Y. Mao, L. Xu, M. Zhang, Y. Zhang. Convergence in total variation distance for (in)homogeneous Markov processes. To appear in arXiv.



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