Workshop "Random walks and Polymers" at Domaine des Treilles

March 25-29, 2019

Organizers: Amine Asselah ( and Quentin Berger (

The central theme of this workshop is the analysis of (interacting) random walks. These are celebrated models of Probability Theory, and bench test models for applications in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. One challenge is to characterize the geometry of random walk paths, according to the nature of the interaction.

The workshop is part of a series of conferences organized by the ANR project SWiWS.


Greg Lawler (Chicago): The loop erased random walk
Description: TBA.

Tom Hutchcroft (Cambridge): Scaling exponents in high-dimensional spanning forests and the interlacement Aldous-Broder algorithm
Description: The aim of this mini course is to introduce the uniform spanning forest, develop two ways of sampling it using Wilson’s algorithm and the interlacement Aldous-Broder algorithm, and show how these two algorithms can be used in conjunction with each other to compute scaling exponents for the USF of Zd when d≥5.


Alex Drewitz (Köln): Geometry of Gaussian free field sign clusters and random interlacements
Yvan Vélénik (Genève): Ising/Potts interface above a wall
Clément Cosco (Paris Diderot): Gaussian Fluctuations and Rate of Convergence of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in Weak Disorder in d≥3
Nina Holden (ETH Zürich): Natural measures on random fractals
Hubert Lacoin (IMPA Rio): The renormalization of the log-gas via its Sine-Gordon representation (in dimension one)
Aran Raoufi (ETH Zürich): Exponential decay of truncated correlations for the Ising model for any non-critical temperature
Vincent Tassion (ETH Zürich): Renormalization in supercritical percolation

Other participants: Amine Asselah, Quentin Berger, Niccolò Torri, Julien Poisat, Yueyun Hu, Bruno Schapira.

The Domaine des Treilles is located in Tourtour, in Haut-Var (South-East France, between Nice and Marseille). It is administrated by Fondation des Treilles .

How to get there? The address is:
705 chemin des Treilles, 83690 Tourtour

Transfers can be arranged:
From Nice airport - 90 min drive (arrival between 1pm and 3pm on Monday would be perfect).
From Les Arcs-Draguignan - 30 min drive (arrival between 2pm and 4pm on Monday would be perfect)