Université Paris 6
Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Paris 7
Denis Diderot

CNRS U.M.R. 7599
``Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires''

Statistics of a flux in Burgers turbulence with one-sided Brownian initial data


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Résumé: We study the statistics of the flux of particles crossing the origin, which is induced by the dynamics of ballistic aggregation in dimension $1$, under certain random initial conditions for the system. More precisely, we consider the cases when particles are uniformly distributed on $\R$ at the initial time, and if $u(x,t)$ denotes the velocity of the particle located at $x$ at time $t$, then $u(x,0)= 0$ for $x<0$ and $(u(x,0), x\geq0)$ is either a white noise or a Brownian motion.

Mots Clés: Burgers turbulence ; ballistic aggregation ; sticky particles ; shocks ; Brownian data

Date: 2001-02-27

Prépublication numéro: PMA-639

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