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 ====Publications==== ====Publications====
-==Diffusive Scaling of the Kob-Andersen Model in the d Dimensional Lattice==+==Diffusive Scaling of the Kob-Andersen Model in the //d// Dimensional Lattice==
 With [[http://​www.mat.uniroma3.it/​users/​martin/​|Fabio Martinelli]] and [[https://​www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/​~toninelli/​|Cristina Toninelli]]. //arXiv preprint [[https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1904.11078|arXiv:​1904.11078]]//​ (2019). With [[http://​www.mat.uniroma3.it/​users/​martin/​|Fabio Martinelli]] and [[https://​www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/​~toninelli/​|Cristina Toninelli]]. //arXiv preprint [[https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1904.11078|arXiv:​1904.11078]]//​ (2019).
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