Journées KPZ 29-30/03/2012


Organisé par l'ANR GranMa

A Jussieu
Jeudi 29/03 Couloir 15-25- Salle 102,
Vendredi 30/03 Couloir 15-16-Salle 101

Jeudi 29/03: 10h30-12h, 14h-15h30
Vendredi 30/03: 9h-11H30, 13h30-15H30.

Plan d'acces

Un diner sera organisé Jeudi 29/03: si vous êtes intéressé(e) et de plus amples informations contacter Florent Benaych Georges.


Ivan Corwin (Schramm Memorial Fellow at Microsoft Research New England and MIT) his webpage
Patrik Ferrari (University of Bonn) his webpage


Titre: KPZ equation and its universality class

Abstract: The KPZ stochastic partial differential equation was proposed in 1986 by Kardar, Parisi, and Zhang as the ``simplest'' continuous equation describing growth of interfaces with the following properties: a deterministic limit shape; and a local, stochastic and irreversible growth mechanism. Models which were believed to have the same long-time, large-scale behavior as the KPZ equation were said to be in its universality class. Some of these models (such as last passage percolation or the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process) were solved in the past decade – even before the KPZ equation was solved. This series of lectures will highlight new methods which have led to exact and concise formulas for the statistics of the solution to the KPZ equation, and compare with methods and results developed for models in the KPZ universality class over the past decade. The new methods include aspects of symmetric function theory, tropical combinatorics, many body systems and Bethe ansatz.

These talks shall be of interest to a wide audience. The methods of solvability will like be of interest to people within integrable systems, algebraic combinatorics and symmetric function theory (not to mention random matrix theory, probability and statistical physics).

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