High Regularity Invariant Measures in PDEs

schedule le lundi 25 mai 2020 de 17h00 à 18h00

Organisé par : F. Bechtold, W. Da Silva , A. Fermanian, S. Has, Y. Yu

Intervenant : Mickaël Latocca (DMA, ENS)
Lieu : online

Sujet : High Regularity Invariant Measures in PDEs

Résumé :

Abstract: Given a stochastic PDE or a deterministic PDE with random initial data, one important topic is the construction of invariant measures. We will start by explaining why invariant measures are so important and how they may be produced. However, these measures are often supported by very rough function space, on which the dynamics of the PDE may be difficult to construct, if not impossible. Then we will focus on the method of Kuksin for producing higher regularity measures for various equations such as the 3d incompressible Euler equations.