Workshop: Polymers, folding, and phase transitions

CIRM (Luminy,Marseille), 3-6 April, 2018

The central theme of this workshop is the analysis of interacting random walks. A phenomenon we wish to discuss is the nature of the conformation that a polymer adopts according to the nature of the interaction and the value of the parameters such as temperature. The workshop brings together experts in interactive random walks and modeling of polymers. There will be two mini-courses of 4 hours each, around the layering transition (which occurs when a polymer interacts with an interface) by Hubert Lacoin of IMPA at Rio, and Large Deviation and compactness with an application to Brownian Occupation Measures by Chiranjib Mukherjee of Munster.

Mini course by Hubert Lacoin (IMPA, Brazil)
The layering Transition in 2-d Solid-on-Solid Models.

Abstract: TBA.

Mini course by Chiranjib Mukherjee (Münster, Germany)
Large Deviation and compactness. Application to Brownian Occupation Measures.

Abstract: TBA.


*= to be confirmed

Erwin Bolthausen* (Zurich)

Francesco Caravenna (Milano)

Francis Comets (Paris-Diderot)

Nina Gantert (Munich)

Nicolas Petrelis (Nantes)

Sergei Popov* (Campinas)

Other participants:
Amine Asselah (Paris-Est),
Quentin Berger (Paris-Jussieu),
Yueyun Hu (Paris-Nord),
Sebastian Muller (Aix-Marseille),
Julien Poisat (Paris-Dauphine),
Bruno Schapira (Aix-Marseille),
Perla Sousi (Cambridge)

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