Stochastic Models for the Inference of Life Evolution

Abdelkader Behdenna

Phd Student

Kader defended his PhD in March 2016. He had been co-supervized by Guillaume and Amaury, working on computer and mathematical tools to better understand evolutionary pathways and coevolution.


Behdenna, A., Pothier, J., Abby, S. S., Lambert, A., Achaz, G. (2016)
Testing for independence between evolutionary processes
Systematic biology 65 812-823
Suez, M., Behdenna, A., Brouillet, S., Gra├ža, P., Higuet, D., Achaz, G. (2015)
Micness: genotyping microsatellite loci from a collection of (ngs) reads
Molecular Ecology Resources