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Past events


Lab meetings and seminars
  • 17 nov, 24 nov, 1 dec, 8 dec Mini-course series by Sabin LESSARD (U Montréal)
    De la génétique des populations à la théorie dynamique des jeux
    1. Tue 17 nov Le coalescent de Kingman, la formule échantillonnale d'Ewens et la loi d'évolution du tiers
    2. Tue 24 nov Le graphe ancestral de recombinaison et de sélection : applications à l'évolution de la recombinaison et de la sélection sexuelle
    3. Tue 1 dec Double échelle de temps dans des populations subdivisées : effets sur le déséquilibre de liaison et l'évolution de la coopération
    4. Tue 8 dec Théorème fondamental de la sélection naturelle, sa signification et son extension
  • Tue 10 nov 10h seminar Maria Clara Fittipaldi (U Buenos Aires)
    Ray-Knight representation of flows of branching processes with competition by pruning of Lévy trees
  • Tue 20 and 27 oct school holidays: no meeting
  • Tue 13 oct 10h seminar Pablo Martín Rodríguez (U. Sao Paulo & LPMA)
    Phase transitions in some stochastic toy-models
  • Tue 6 oct 10h journal club Marguerite Lapierre (SMILE & ABI)
    Understanding the origin of species with genome-scale data: modelling gene flow after Sousa & Hey (2013) Nature Reviews Genetics
  • Tue 29 sep Colloque ETEE: no meeting
  • Tue 22 sep 10h lab meeting
    Masters defense of François Bienvenu
  • Tue 15 sep Journée François Jacob at Collège de France: no meeting
  • Tue 8 sep 10h seminar Robin Aguilée (U Paul Sabatier)
    How does pollen dispersal affect species range shift and adaptation under climate change?
  • Tue 9 jun 10h seminar Michael Blum (IMAG & CNRS)
    Detection of outliers with factor models and PCA: Application to whole genome scans for selection
  • Tue 2 jun 14h30 journal club Todd Parsons (SMILE-PSB)
    Predicting evolution from the shape of genealogical trees after Neher et al (2014) eLife
  • Tue 19 may 10h lab meeting Nicolas Puillandre (MNHN)
    Délimitation d'espèces: l'expérience d'un naturaliste
  • Tue 12 may 10h seminar Flora Jay (MNHN)
    Inbreeding and admixture inferred from high coverage genomes of Neandertal and Denisovan individuals
  • Tue 5 may 14h30 journal club Marc Manceau (SMILE)
    Delimiting species using single-locus data... after Fujisawa & Barraclough (2013) Syst. Biol.
  • Tue 21 and 28 apr school holidays: no meeting
  • Tue 14 apr 10h seminar Ivan Junier (UJF)
    Statistical laws in genomes - what do they tell us?
  • Tue 24 mar 10h seminar François Blanquart (Imperial College)
    Are experimental fitness landscapes compatible with Fisher's geometric model?
  • Tue 17 mar 10h seminar François Bienvenu (SMILE)
    Retournement temporel dans les modèles matriciels de population
  • Tue 3 mar 14h30 journal club Gregory Nuel (PSB)
    Reconstructing subclonal composition and evolution from whole genome sequencing of tumors after Deshwar et al (2014) arXiv 1406.7250
  • Tue 17 and 24 feb school holidays: no meeting
  • Tue 10 feb 10h seminar Joseba Dalmau (ENS)
    The distribution of quasi-species
  • Tue 3 feb 14h30 journal club Fanny Gascuel (SMILE)
    Equilibrium speciation dynamics in a model adaptive radiation of island lizards after Rabosky & Glor (2010) PNAS
  • Tue 27 jan 10h seminar Olivier Rivoire (UJF)
    Heredity in evolution & evolution of heredity
  • Tue 20 jan 10h seminar Marguerite Lapierre (SMILE & ABI)
    Reference models in molecular evolution
  • Tue 13 jan 10h seminar Christophe Lemaire (Univ Angers)
    Multiple merger coalescents: Why and what for?
Other seminars, defenses, workshops


Lab meetings and seminars
  • Tue 9 dec 10h seminar Lilia Perfeito (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Lisbonne)
    The impact of genetic background on evolvability
  • Tue 2 dec 14h30 journal club Gilles Monneret (LPMA)
    Maximum likelihood pedigree reconstruction using integer linear programming, after Cussens et al, Genetic epidemiology (2013)
  • Tue 25 nov 10h seminar Colin Fontaine (MNHN)
    Structure-stability relationship in ecological networks mixing mutualistic and antagonistic interactions
  • Tue 18 nov 10h seminar Veronica Miro Pina (SMILE)
    The waiting time to parapatric speciation
  • Tue 11 nov holiday: no meeting
  • Tue 4 nov 14h30 journal club Miraine Davila (SMILE & LPMA)
    Viral phylodynamics, after Volz et al PLoS Computational Biology (2013)
  • Tue 21 and 28 oct school holidays: no meeting
  • Tue 14 oct 10h seminar Line Le Gall (MNHN)
    Theoretical and observed diversity patterns in marine algae
  • Tue 7 oct 14h30 journal club Abdelkader Behdenna (SMILE & ABI)
    Using information theory to search for co-evolving residues in proteins, after Martin et al (2005) Bioinformatics
  • Tue 30 sep 10h seminar Bernd Blasius (U. Oldenburg)
    The risk of marine bioinvasion caused by global shipping
  • Tue 1 jul 10h seminar Amaury Lambert (SMILE)
    Phylogenetic analysis accounting for age-dependent death and sampling with applications to epidemics
  • Tue 24 jun 10h seminar Denis Roze (CNRS, Roscoff)
    Selection for sex and recombination in haploid and diploid populations
  • Tue 17 jun 10h seminar Miraine Davila Felipe (SMILE)
    Time-reversal duality for branching processes: applications to epidemiology
  • Tue 10 jun 10h seminar James O'Dwyer (U Illinois)
    Macroecology for microbes: Patterns of phylogenetic diversity across bacterial communities
  • Tue 3 jun 10h seminar Paolo Ribeca (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona)
    Statistical methods for the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data
  • Tue 27 may 10h seminar Simone Pigolotti (U Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona)
    Population genetics, fluid flows, and the importance of diffusing faster
  • Tue 20 may 10h seminar Bastien Fernandez (Aix-Marseille U)
    Transition to massive clustering in populations of degrade-and-fire oscillators
  • 15 & 22 apr school holidays: no meetings
  • Tue 8 apr 10h seminar Kader Behdenna (SMILE & ABI)
    Detecting correlation and dependence between evolutionary events
  • Tue 1 apr 10h seminar Bahram Houchmandzadeh (CNRS & Grenoble Universités)
    Noise driven emergence of cooperative behavior
  • Tue 25 mar 10h seminar Simon Boitard (INRA)
    Inferring the past dynamics of effective population size using genome wide molecular data - an ABC approach
  • Tue 18 mar 10h seminar Fabian Freund (U Hohenheim)
    The minimal clade size of a randomly chosen gene in the Bolthausen-Sznitman n-coalescent
  • Tue 4 mar 9h30 seminar Luca Ferretti (SMILE & ABI, UPMC)
    Protein evolution and properties of fitness landscapes II
  • 18 & 25 feb school holidays: no meetings
  • Tue 11 feb 10h seminar Olivier Tenaillon (INSERM)
    The mutational landscape of betalactamase TEM1
  • Tue 4 feb 9h30 seminar Luca Ferretti (SMILE & ABI, UPMC)
    Protein evolution and properties of fitness landscapes I
  • Tue 28 jan 9h30 seminar Airam Blancas Benitez (SMILE & CIMAT, Guanajuato)
    On branching processes with rare neutral mutations
  • Tue 21 jan 10h seminar Marianne Elias (MNHN)
    The ecology of mimicry: Insights from neotropical `ithomiine’ butterflies
Other seminars, defenses, workshops


Lab meetings and seminars
  • Tue 17 dec no meeting: HDR defense of Nicolas Lartillot
  • FRI 13 dec 10h exceptional seminar Carla Staver (Columbia)
    Positive feedbacks and the global distribution of biomes
  • Tue 10 dec no meeting: Conference on Stochastic Models in Ecology, Evolution and Genetics
    9-13 dec 2013, Angers (France)
  • Tue 3 dec 10h seminar Sophie Penisson (U. Paris-Est)
    Can excessive mutation prevent adaptive evolution?
  • Tue 26 nov no meeting: journée ANR MANEGE au Collège de France
  • Tue 12 nov seminar Camille Coron (Ecole Polytechnique et U. Paris-Sud)
    Modeling and quantifying the mutational meltdown in diploid populations
  • Fri 8 nov exceptional seminar David Rasmussen (Duke Univ)
    Inferring complex epidemiological dynamics from genealogies
  • Tue 5 nov seminar Emmanuelle Porcher (MNHN)
    Evolution of plant mating systems
  • 22 and 29 oct school holidays: no meetings
  • Tue 15 oct seminar Julien Berestycki (LPMA, UPMC)
    How many evolutionary histories only increase fitness?
  • Tue 8 oct seminar Grégory Nuel (LPMA, UPMC)
    Belief propagation in Bayesian networks and biomedical applications
  • Tue 1 oct seminar Minus Van Baalen (CNRS)
    Biological information: Why we need a good measure and the challenges ahead
  • Tue 24 sep seminar Joachim Krug (U. Cologne)
    Fitness landscapes and the predictability of evolution
  • Fri 5 jul Grand CIRB seminar Simon Levin (Princeton)
    Collective phenomena, collective motion, and collective action in ecological systems
  • Tue 25 jun seminar Ollivier Hyrien (U. Rochester, NY)
    Age-dependent branching processes in analyses of the dynamics of multi-type cell populations
  • Tue 18 jun seminar Mike Steel (U. Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ)
    Ancestral reconstruction, lateral gene transfer, and the joys of leaping between trees
  • Tue 11 jun (cancelled) seminar Julien Berestycki (LPMA, UPMC)
    How many evolutionary histories only increase fitness?
  • Tue 4 jun exceptional seminar
    Erick Matsen (FHCRC, Seattle)
    From the Ramayana to the Reverend Bayes: host defenses and zoonotic transmission of simian foamy virus
    John Wiens (U Arizona)
    Niche evolution, niche conservatism, and the origins of biodiversity patterns
  • Tue 28 may (two conferences we attend Speciation 2013 and MCEB 2013): no meeting
  • Tue 21 may seminar Yann Le Cunff (U. Paris Descartes)
    Ageing: Between evolution and demography
  • Tue 14 may seminar Mircea Sofonea (SMILE)
    (Individual-based models of) Phylogenies
  • Tue 23 apr seminar Cécile Delaporte (LPMA & SMILE)
    Invariance principle for the coalescent point process with marks
  • Tue 16 apr seminar Xavier Didelot (Imperial College)
    Genomic evolution and transmission of Helicobacter pylori in two South African families
  • Tue 9 apr seminar Guillaume Achaz (ABI & SMILE)
    Assessing the extinction status of small invertebrates
  • Tue 2 apr seminar Luis-Miguel Chevin (CNRS, Montpellier)
    Niche dimensionality and ecological speciation
  • Tue 19 mar seminar Jean-Baptiste Mouret (UPMC)
    The evolutionary origins of modularity
  • Tue 5 mar seminar Luca Ferretti (ABI & SMILE)
    The effect of single recombination events on coalescent tree height and shape
  • Tue 26 feb seminar Eduardo Rocha (Institut Pasteur)
    Protein secretion, DNA mobility and social conflict in microbial cooperation
  • Tue 19 feb seminar Emmanuel Schertzer (LPMA & SMILE)
    The role of dimension on voter model perturbations (spatial Lotka-Volterra model, evolution of cooperation)
  • Tue 12 feb AERES Evaluation of CIRB: no meeting
  • Tue 5 feb seminar Chunhua Ma (LPMA & SMILE)
    The peripatric coalescent
  • Tue 29 jan seminar Simon C. Harris (U. Bath, UK)
    Some population models with selection near criticality
  • Tue 22 jan seminar Aleksandra Walczak (ENS)
    A fitness-class coalescent: The effects of selection on linked sites
  • Tue 15 jan seminar Bruno Jedynak (Baltimore)
    The game of 20 questions with noisy answers. A delight of information theory, probability, control, and computer vision
Other seminars, defenses, workshops


Centre de recherches Mathématiques de Montréal


Lab meetings and seminars
  • Tue 11 dec 2012 SAB evaluation of CIRB: no meeting
  • Tue 4 dec 2012 AERES evaluation of LPMA: no meeting
  • Tue 27 nov seminar: Jessica GREEN (U. Oregon)
    Bioinformed design: can we design the microbial ecosystems in our cities to create a healthier, more sustainable world?
  • Tue 20 nov lab meeting: Fanny Gascuel (ENS, SMILE)
    The effects of archipelago spatial structure on the biodiversity patterns predicted by neutral models
  • Tue 13 nov seminar Todd Parsons (SMILE)
    The conventional wisdom redux? Stochastic evolution in multi-strain epidemics
  • Tue 16 oct lab meeting: Patrick Hoscheit (SMILE)
    Branching processes with advantageous mutations
  • Wed 10 oct lab meeting: Marc Manceau (SMILE)
    A microscopic model of species diversification
  • Tue 2 oct seminar: Richard Pymar (U. Angers)
    Reconstructing pedigrees using SSR and ISSR data
  • Tue 26 jun seminar: Gilles Didier (Inst. Math. Luminy)
    Modèles de spéciation/extinction et registre fossile
  • Fri 22 jun seminar: Renaud Vitalis (INRA Montpellier)
    Une nouvelle méthode pour détecter et mesurer la sélection dans les données de polymorphisme génétique
  • Tue 5 jun seminar: Franz Baumdicker (U. Freiburg)
    The infinitely many genes model and the evolution of bacterial genomes under horizontal gene transfer
  • Tue 29 may seminar: Viet Chi Tran (U. Lille 1)
    Théorèmes limites pour un processus de diversification dépendant de son passé
  • Tue 22 may seminar of Renaud Vitalis (INRA Montpellier) cancelled
  • Tue 15 may seminar: Mikael Falconnet (U. Evry)
    Evolution de séquences d'ADN et systèmes de particules en interaction
  • Tue 1 & 8 may holidays: no meetings
  • Tue 17 & 24 apr holidays: no meetings
  • Tue 10 apr seminar: Nicolas Puillandre (MNHN)
    Délimitation d’espèce dans l'inconnu: concepts, méthodes et outils
    UPMC campus Jussieu
  • Tue 27 mar seminar: Michael Kopp (U. Marseille)
    Models of adaptive speciation
  • Tue 20 mar seminar: Sylvain Billiard (U. Lille 1)
    Transition des systèmes de reproduction chez les plantes, les animaux, les champignons… Quelle histoire (!) ?
  • Tue 13 mar lab meeting: Mathieu Richard (UPMC)
    Processus de vie et de mort avec mutations à la naissance ou au cours de la vie
  • Tue 6 mar seminar: Nicolas Champagnat (INRIA Nancy)
    Approche EDP en dynamique adaptative : concentration et branchement evolutif dans un modele avec plusieurs ressources
  • February 2012 program flyer
  • Tue 28 feb seminar: Nicolas Lartillot (Montréal)
    Bayesian integrative models for molecular and macro-evolutionary studies
  • Tue 21 feb seminar: Stephanie Keller-Schmidt (U. Leipzig)
    What growth models, tree shape and macroevolution have in common ?
  • Tue 14 feb seminar: Pierre Nicolas (INRA)
    Recombinaison à taux dépendant de la divergence entre espèces bactériennes: modèle et statistiques résumées
  • Tue 7 feb seminar: Tanja Stadler (ETH Zürich)
    Inferring epidemiological dynamics based on viral sequence data
  • Tue 24 jan seminar: Philippe Lopez (UPMC)
    Diversité génétique et mosaïcisme: apport des méthodes de réseau
  • Tue 17 jan lab meeting: Kader Behdenna
    Recherche de motifs de mutations successives répétés au cours de l'évolution
Other seminars, defenses, workshops


Lab meetings and seminars
  • Tue 13 dec groupe de travail: Régis Ferrière (ENS)
    Adaptive dynamics and macroevolution
  • Tue 29 nov groupe de travail: Avner Bar-Hen & Mahendra Mariadassou
    Joint evolution of substitution rates and continuous phenotypic characters after Lartillot & Poujol (2010)
  • Tue 22 nov lab meeting: Frédéric Austerlitz
    Impact of demographic, cultural and selective processes on genetic diversity: a modelling approach
  • Tue 15 nov groupe de travail: Bernard Cazelles (UPMC)
    Phylodynamics after Koelle et al (2010) and Rasmussen et al (2011)
  • Tue 8 nov lab meeting: Guillaume Achaz
    Mais au fond qu'est-ce-qu'un test de neutralité ?
  • Fri 4 nov seminar: Aaron King (U. Michigan)
    Phylogenetic comparative analysis: a modelling approach
  • Tue 18 oct groupe de travail: Amaury Lambert
    Probabilistic models of phylogenetic trees
  • Tue 11 oct 2011 lab meeting: Amaury Lambert
    ABGD, automatic bar code gap discovery
Other seminars, defenses, workshops
  • Je 8 dec 10h GPS V. Vatutin
    A two-type branching process evolving in asynchronous random environments
  • Lu 5 dec, 15h30 salle 16-26-1-13 à Jussieu: soutenance Mathieu Richard
    Arbres, processus de branchement non markoviens et processus de Lévy
  • Fri 18 nov 14h amphi Rataud ENS, soutenance Anton Camacho
    Approches stochastiques pour la modélisation en épidémiologie : applications à la grippe humaine
  • Wed 9 nov Jussieu, GPS: Guillaume Achaz
    Paysages adaptatifs réels et contraintes épistatiques dans l'ordre des mutations
  • Tue 8 nov Institut Pasteur séminaire SaMMBA Amaury Lambert
    The state of the infection at the time of first detection
  • Thu 3 nov GPS Julien Berestycki
  • Wed 19 oct Journée ANR MANEGE à Jussieu
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