Cutoff of sparse Markov chains

schedule le lundi 05 mars 2018 de 17h00 à 18h00

Organisé par : C. Cosco, S. Coste, L. Marêché, P. Melotti, N. Meyer

Intervenant : Guillaume Conchon--Kerjan (Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation)
Lieu : Jussieu, salle Paul Lévy, couloir 16-26 salle 113

Sujet : Cutoff of sparse Markov chains

Résumé :

On a large class of environments (in particular on numerous Markov chains), when a particle performs a random walk, the distribution of its position after a given number of steps converges towards a limit measure when the number of steps goes to infinity. We say that there is cutoff when this transition is sharp. We will explore several models for which such a behaviour has been shown in the past few years.