Master and undergraduate education

The LPSM is involved in various programs in mathematics at the undergraduate level, including Licence and Master programs. In particular, various masters and programs at Université de Paris and Sorbonne Université are managed by members of LPSM.
For more information about the programs objectives, the training plans and details, the targeted audiences and the subsequent career opportunities, follow the links below to access the respective website or contact the persons in charge..
universitepariscite_logo_horizontal_noir_rvb.jpegWithin the Master Mathematics and Applications, the LPSM is involved in the following specializations:
* Modélisation Aléatoire, Finance et Data Science (M2MO) which offers solid training in probability, data sciences and stochastic methods, together with applications in groundbreaking domains.
* Master Ingénierie Statistique et Informatique de la Finance, de l'Assurance et du Risque (ISIFAR) which provides engineer-type training in statistics and computer sciences, with views towards applications in insurance, finance and risk management.
Within the double master program Mathématiques-Informatique Data Science, the LPSM is involved in the following specialization:
* Mathématiques et Informatique pour la Data Science (MIDS) which offers broad training in the computer sciences and the mathematics of Big Data and artificial intelligence.
Within the major Mathématiques et Applications of the master program Sciences, Technologies, Santé, the LPSM is involved in the following specialization:
* M2 Probabilités et Modèle Aléatoires: training in probability theory
* M2 Probabilités et Finance : training in financial mathematics
* M2 Statistique : training in mathematical statistics, statistical learning and data sciences
* M2 Apprentissage et Algorithmes (M2A) : double training in mathematics and computer sciences, with focus on data sciences and artificial intelligence
* M2 Ingénierie Mathématique which include the following :
* Ingénierie Financière et Modèles Aléatoires (IFMA) : engineer-type training in mathematical finance
The Institut de Statistique de l'Université de Paris (ISUP) is a school in statistics and insurance. IT is managed by Maud Thomas, together with members of LPSM.
In particular, the ISUP offers the following master program:
* Master Actuariat
* Ingénierie Statistique et Data Science (ISDS) : engineer-type training in data science, which includes part time training in the private sector
Various faculty members of LPSM are involved in teaching at Sorbonne Université engineering school Polytech Sorbonne.
Some faculty members of LPSM are involved in the following course of professional and continuous studies at Sorbonne Université:
* Machine Learning et Intelligence artificielle
LPSM is also involved CNRS Formation Entreprises, the professional and continuous studies unit of the CNRS. In particular, the following course is provided by LPSM faculty members :
* Introduction au machine learning et au deep learning, mise en oeuvre en Python