Thematic team


Research themes

The members of the team work on various subjects dealing with stochastic processes, with theoretical and applied motivations.

Here is a list of the main themes.

Brownian motion, Bessel processes
Random walks in random media
Reinforced random walks
Branching processes
Branching random walks and branching Brownian motion
Random graphs, Brownian continuous random trees, Lévy trees
Random maps, Brownian geometry
Probabilistic interpretation of partial differential equations
Particle systems and mean-field limits
Collisional kinetic equations
Fragmentation, coagulation and coalescence
Lévy processes
Stochastic differential equations
Stochastic partial differential equations
Regularity structures
Gaussian fields
Conformally invariant processes (Schramm–Loewner evolution)
First and last passage percolation

Seminar and working groups

The working group Friday Probabilities holds on friday at 11h04.

The Probability Seminar holds on tuesday at 14h00.

Permanent members

Basdevant Anne-Laure JUSSIEU 1626-1-25 Professeur.e as
Broutin Nicolas JUSSIEU 1626-2-14 Professeur.e as , smo
Castillo Ismael JUSSIEU 1516-2-15 Professeur.e as , stat
Duquesne Thomas JUSSIEU 1626-2-20 Professeur.e as
Fourati Sonia JUSSIEU 1626-2-24 Maître.sse de conférences - Université de Rouen Normandie as
Fournier Nicolas JUSSIEU 1626-2-19 Professeur.e as
Jeulin Thierry 5043 Professeur.e émérite as , smo
Lin Shen JUSSIEU 1626-2-16 Maître.sse de conférences as
Lupu Titus JUSSIEU 1626-2-10 Chargé.e de recherche as
Riera Armand JUSSIEU 1516-2-02 Maître.sse de conférences as
Roux Raphaël JUSSIEU 1626-1-10 Maître.sse de conférences as
Tardif Camille JUSSIEU 1626-1-18 Maître.sse de conférences as , dpg
Zambotti Lorenzo JUSSIEU 1626-2-22 Professeur.e - Directeur as
Zindy Olivier JUSSIEU 1626-2-16 Maître.sse de conférences as

Non-permanent permanents

Adelman Omer JUSSIEU 1626-2-10 Collaborateur.rice Bénévole as , dpg
Agabiti Lorenzo Doctorant.e as
Bonicelli Alberto Doctorant.e as
Charabouska Sonia JUSSIEU 1626-2-03 Doctorant.e as
Couvert Nadege JUSSIEU 1626-1-31 Doctorant.e as
Gambelin Roman Doctorant.e as
Jaffard Thomas JUSSIEU 1626-2-25 Doctorant.e as , dpg
Petit Frederique JUSSIEU 1626-2-07 Collaborateur.rice Bénévole as
Poudevigne-Auboiron Rémy Post-Doctorant.e as