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Clichés of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Image from Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum. Background photos by myself: (left) Lake (1899-1900), Isaac Levitan, State Russian Museum; (right) State Hermitage Museum & the Neva.

□   The City on the Neva

□   Canals and Bridges

□   State Russian Museum
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□   Noble Spirits

□   The Idiot and Poor Folk

□   Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Repino

□   The Rest is Silence

In 2017, I spent three months in the Chebyshev Laboratory of St. Petersburg State University, within the Gabriel Lamé Chair program. These pages intend to record my souvenir of this special experience, as well as some from previous short visits.

The Gabriel Lamé Chair program is jointly supported by French Embassy in Russia, St. Petersburg State University (Chebyshev Laboratory), and Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard. It aims at celebrating and strengthening connections between mathematicians in France and in St. Petersburg. I had the honour of carrying on this program in 2017.

A Symposium on Probability Theory and Random Processes was held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute during the week of June 5, 2017, with Martin Hairer and Jean-François Le Gall delivering mini-courses, and Julien Berestycki, Nicolas Curien, Bernard Derrida and Vladas Sidoravicius as Invited Speakers. The Symposium was completed with twenty-seven other talks.

It was a pleasure to get in touch with colleagues in the Steklov Institute of Mathematics[1] and the St. Petersburg State University. During three months, there were many interactions between our activities, especially thanks to the weekly seminar on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Steklov Institute. We had some joint seminars, as well as a mini-course on branching random walks in the Chebyshev Laboratory.

I am grateful to the Chebyshev Laboratory for their generous hospitality, as well as the administration teams at the Laboratory and at the Euler Institute for their precious help. I also wish to thank colleagues in the Steklov Institute, especially Ildar Ibragimov, who made me feel as if I had been a member of the Institute.

Mathematics continues, obviously.

The rest of these pages is a souvenir of my non-mathematical program at St. Petersburg, which, regretfully, has come to an end. Special thanks go to Misha Lifshits, from whom I learn mathematics, but also about St. Petersburg and Russia.

[1] St. Petersburg branch.

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