I am a Postdoc of the Fondation Sciences Mathematiques de Paris working at the Laboratoire de Probablilités de Paris with Lorenzo Zambotti.

Before moving to Paris I was a Postdoc at Oxford and Berlin where I also did my PhD under supervision of Jochen Blath.


My mathematical interest lies on all sort of stochastic processes with continuous time parameter. Here is what I was involved in so far:

”Exceptional Times for the Generalized Lambda Fleming-Viot Process with Mutations” (in preparation)

with Julien Beresticky (Paris), Leonid Mytnik (Haifa), Lorenzo Zambotti (Paris)

“A Jump-Type SDE Approach to Real-Valued Self-Similar Markov Processes” (2012)

On the Entire Moments of Self-Similar Markov Processes” (2012), submitted

with Matyas Barczy (Debrecen)

Hitting properties and non-uniqueness for SDE driven by stable processes” (2011)

with Julien Beresticky (Paris), Leonid Mytnik (Haifa), Lorenzo Zambotti (Paris), submitted

A Jump-Type SDE Approach to Positive Self-Similar Markov Processes” (2011)

with Matyas Barczy (Debrecen), submitted

Infinite Rate Mutually Catalytic Branching on the Lattice and Generalized Voter Processes” (2011)

with Leonid Mytnik (Haifa), ALEA, 2012, 1-51

Longtime Behavior of Mutually Catalytic Branching with Negative Correlations” (2011)

with Leonid Mytnik (Haifa), Springer Proceedings Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Superprocesses

Catalytic Branching Processes via Spine Techniques and Renewal Theory

with Matt Roberts (Montreal), appears in Seminaire de Probabilite

(Non)Differentiability and Asymptotics for Potential Densities of Subordinators

with Mladen Savov (Oxford), Electronic Journal of Probability (16), 2011, 470-503

Chung LIL for Levy Processes at Small Times” (2010)

with Frank Aurzada (Berlin) and Mladen Savov (Oxford), appears in Bernoulli

Applications of the Renewal Theorem to Exponential Moments of Local Times

with Mladen Savov (Oxford), Electronic Communications in Probability (15), 2010, 263-269

“Fine Properties of Symbiotic Branching Processes“ (September 2009), Dissertation TU Berlin

On the Moments and the Interface of Symbiotic Branching Processes

with Jochen Blath (Berlin) and Alison Etheridge (Oxford), The Annals of Probabiliity (39), 2011, 252-290

Intermittency and Aging for the Symbiotic Branching Model

with Frank Aurzada (Berlin), Annales de l‘Insitute Henri Poincare (B) (47), 2011

“Numerical Approaches to Backward Stochastic Differential Equations“ (2006), Diploma Thesis, Universität Konstanz