PSB is one of the 6 research teams of LPMA (Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires)

English name: Stochastics & Biology Group

PSB gathers probabilists and statisticians of LPMA interested in mathematical problems inspired by biology or/and applying mathematics to biological problems.

PSB's main biological research themes are

  • Population Biology – Ecology; Population Genetics; Evolution; see also homepage of SMILE group
  • Genomics – Analysis of Sequences; Gene Networks; Microarray Analysis; Genetic Epidemiology; Detection of DNA motifs
  • Neuroscience – Single neuron; neural networks


  • !!! The European Society for Evolutionary Biology holds its 2018 annual meeting in France jointly with the Canadian and American societies !!!


Permanent members

Amaury Lambert (PR UPMC)

Catherine Laredo (DR INRA)

Catherine Matias (DR CNRS)

Grégory Nuel (DR CNRS)

Julien Berestycki (MC UPMC)

Todd Parsons (CR CNRS)

Emmanuel Schertzer (MC UPMC)

Michèle Thieullen (MC UPMC)

Postdoctoral fellows
PhD students

Jean-Jil Duchamps

Veronica Miro Pina

François Bienvenu

Ikram Allam

Pierre-Antoine Corre

Gilles Monneret

Alexis Vigot

Associated members
Visiting professors

Sabin Lessard (fall 2015)

Alexander Hartmann (spring 2016)

Former members

Eric Adjakossa (PhD)

Tinhinan Belaribi (PhD)

Miraine Davila Felipe (PhD)

Vincent Renault

Alexandre Genadot (PhD)

Cécile Delaporte (PhD)

Clément Foucart (PhD)

Romain Guy (PhD)

Cyril Labbé (PhD)

Chunhua Ma (postdoc)

Mathieu Richard (PhD)

Upcoming events

Past events


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