Etats de la recherche en matrices aléatoires

–Location : Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

–Date: 01-04/12/2014

Scope of the conference:

The aim is to make a state of the art about recent progress on random matrix theory and some applications (random growth models, random graph theory e.g.). The conference will be organized around 3 mini-courses devoted to a non expert audience including PhD students.

Format: 3 mini courses and complementary talks

Confirmed speakers:


Charles Bordenave (CNRS Toulouse) Title: TBA
Alexei Borodin (MIT) Title: TBA
Antti Knowles (ETHZ) Title: TBA


Paul Bourgade (NYU) TBA
Mireille Capitaine (Toulouse) TBA
Cédric Boutillier (UPMC) TBA.

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