Network archeology: on revealing the past of random trees

schedule le jeudi 18 avril 2019 de 09h00 à 11h00

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Intervenant : Gabor Lugosi (Amphithéâtre Turing, PRG) (ICREA and Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Lieu : Amphithéâtre Turing, PRG

Sujet : TBA

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Abstract: Networks are often naturally modeled by random processes in which nodes of the network are added one-by-one, according to some random rule. Uniform and preferential attachment trees are among the simplest examples of such dynamically growing networks. The statistical problems we address in this talk regard discovering the past of the network when a present-day snapshots observed. Such problems are sometimes termed "network archeology". We present a few results that show that, even in gigantic networks, a lot of information is preserved from the very early days.