research interest:

Theme: Probability, statistical mechanics.
Keywords: Bernoulli bond percolation (time constant, isoperimetry), First passage percolation (maximal flow, minimal cutset, maximal stream)


  • Cancellation of the Anchored isoperimetric profile in bond perco- lation at p_c with Raphaël Cerf, preprint, 2019 (7 pages)
  • Anchored isoperimetric profile of the infinite cluster in supercritical bond percolation is Lipschitz continuous preprint, 2018 (12 pages)
  • Regularity of the time constant for a supercritical Bernoulli percolation preprint, 2018 (27 pages)
  • The maximal flow from a compact convex subset to infinity in first passage percolation on Zd To appear in Annals of Probability (28 pages)
  • Existence of the anchored isoperimetric profile in supercritical bond percolation in dimension two and higher preprint, 2018 (50 pages)
  • Size of a minimal cutset in supercritical first passage percolation, with Marie Théret, preprint, 2018 (27 pages)