Permanent members

Amaury Lambert


Amaury is full (math) professor at UPMC and is the official head of the SMILE group. He teaches math to math students of UPMC and to biology students of ENS. He is a specialist of stochastic models in ecology, in population genetics, and in evolution.

Guillaume Achaz


Guillaume is associate (biology) professor at UPMC. He shares his research time between several groups including SMILE, collaborating with evolutionary biologists, bioinformaticians and mathematicians. He is working in molecular evolution, trying to understand how and why reference models relate to biology.

Todd Parsons


Todd is a CR CNRS (in interdisciplinary section 51). He is interested in stochastic population models and combinatorial stochastic processes arising from ecology, epidemiology and population genetics.

Emmanuel Schertzer

Emmanuel Schertzer is assistant math professor at UPMC.

Postdoctoral fellows

PhD students

Abdelkader Behdenna

Kader is a third-year PhD student in evolutionary biology, co-supervized by Guillaume and Amaury, working on computer and mathematical tools to better understand evolutionary pathways and coevolution.

Miraine Davila


Miraine is a math PhD student, co-supervized by Amaury and Bernard Cazelles, supported by a grant from Région Île-de-France (RDM-IdF). She is interested in the stochastic modelling of population dynamics, in particular the application of phylogenetic methods to epidemiology.

Fanny Gascuel


Fanny is a PhD student, co-supervized by Régis Ferrière and Amaury. She is interested in linking macroevolutionary patterns of species diversification to ecology.

Marguerite Lapierre


Marguerite is co-supervized by Guillaume and Amaury, working on mathematical models in molecular evolution.

Marc Manceau

Marc is a PhD student supervized by Amaury and Hélène, working on models of phylogenetic diversification across space. He is particularly interested in evolutionary biology and any mathematical models applied to understanding life history.

Veronica Miro Pina


Verónica is co-supervized by Emmanuel and Amaury. She is doing a PhD about mathematical models for the ecology and the genetics of speciation. Her main goal is to understand how the speciation processes shape species trees and gene trees.

Masters students

Associated members

Avner Bar-Hen

Avner is full professor at Univ Paris-Descartes.

Hélène Morlon


Hélène is a very close collaborator and visits us very often but she runs her own group at ENS.

Stefano Mona

Stefano is a member of Michel Veuille's group at MNHN.

Former members

Postdoctoral fellows

Luca Ferretti


Luca works in statistical analysis and modeling in population genetics, population genomics, complex systems. He now has a permanent position at the Pirbright Institute.

Airam Aseret Blancas Benitez (2013-14)


Airam is a PhD student at CIMAT (Guanajuato, Mexico), under the direction of Víctor Rivero. She is interested in branching processes, coalescent processes, fragmentation processes and random trees, as well as Lévy processes and Markov processes.

Patrick Hoscheit (2012-13)
Chunhua Ma (2012-13)


Chunhua Ma is associate professor at Nankai University in China. His main interests are branching processes, coalescent processes and some stochastic models inspired by biology.

Todd Parsons (2012-13)

Todd Parsons

See list of current members

Mathieu Richard (2011-12)


After a postdoc position at École Polytechnique, Mathieu Richard is currently teaching mathematics to students in “classes préparatoires” in Meaux.

PhD students

Cécile Delaporte

Master students

Odile Maliet (2014-15, M2 X EBE)

Timothe van Meter (2014-15, M1 EBE)

François Bienvenu (2014-15, M2 math-bio UPMC)

José Tomás Méndez Vera (2014-15, M2 proba Paris 7)

Jean-Claude Kouhao Kouadio (2013-14, M2 proba PSAV)

Veronica Miro-Pina (2013-14, M2 mathbio UPMC)

Benjamin Nguyen-Van-Yen (2012-13, L3 ENS bio)

Michel Pain (2012-13, L3 ENS math)

Mircea Sofonea (2012-13, M2 ENS bio)

Mikaël Escobar-Bach (2012-13, M2 math UPMC)

Marc Manceau (2011-12, M1 ENS bio)

Renaud Dessalles (2011-12, M2 math UPMC)

Anna Bonnet (2011-12, M1 math UPMC)

Miraine Davila (2010-11, M2 math X)

SMILE group in June 2014


Claude Bernard

Airam, Fanny, Patrick, Emmanuel, Amaury, Todd, Luca, Grégory, Guillaume

Miraine, Cécile, Jean-Claude, Veronica

(missing: Avner, Kader)

SMILE group in April 2014


(Standing on highest step) Patrick, Emmanuel, Miraine, Fanny, Chunhua, Luca

Guillaume, Airam, Kader, Amaury, Todd

(missing: Avner, Hélène, Cécile, Veronica, Jean-Claude)

SMILE group in June 2013


Mikaël, Fanny, Cécile, Amaury, Patrick, Mircea, Miraine, Kader

(missing: Todd, Guillaume, Avner, Hélène, Benjamin, Luca, Emmanuel)

SMILE group in April 2013

Guillaume Budé

Todd, Avner, Chunhua, Cécile, Miraine, Patrick, Amaury, Luca, Emmanuel

(missing: Fanny, Guillaume, Hélène, Benjamin, Mircea)

SMILE group in June 2012



Renaud Marc Avner Mathieu Guillaume

Chunhua Miraine Cécile Amaury Kader

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