A mathematical model on black market

schedule le lundi 13 mai 2019 de 17h00 à 18h00

Organisé par : G. Cochon--Kerjan, F. Coppini, B. Dembin

Intervenant : Chenlin GU (DMA/ENS)
Lieu : Jussieu, salle Paul Levy 16-26 - 209

Sujet : A mathematical model on black market

Résumé :

Although some black markets are banned, they are difficult to be extinguished, and whether or not to give legal to them is a critical question. We use a multi-type population model to describe the evolution of the black market and study its longtime behaviors, which could have several phases and depend on the parameters (repugnance of market, punishment etc). A complete and detailed study of this model with constant parameters is given, while for the same model with non-constant paramters, many interesting questions still remain open. This is a joint work with two economists Alvin E. Roth†, and Qingyun Wu (Stanford).